19 Feb 2013

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: How The ‘VD’ Stars Spent Valentine’s Day

The ‘Vampire Diaries’ stars used Twitter to send their fans & followers some love on V-Day!
While many humans spent Feb. 14 stressing out, trying to impress their special ladies or gentlemen, Nina Dobrev had her Valentine’s Day plans made for her. ”On set, filming all Day,” Nina tweeted. “Doesn’t matter that its Valentines day… Still gotta work.” Of course, I’m sure ‘working’ alongside Ian Somerhalder probably wasn’t the worst way to spend the most romantic day of the year.

And Nina, 24, is definitely a romantic — you could say she’s more of an Elena than a Katherine — as she spent the rest of the night tweeting out love-related messages to her 3.36 million Twitter followers.

Nina Dobrev’s Valentine’s Day Tweets
“Send you all…” she tweeted, along with a photo that read “hugs, kisses and valentine wishes.”

She followed that up by tweeting a picture of all the words she uses to describe love, including: self-knowledge, respect, forgiveness, communication, trust, commitment, self-giving, understanding, sacrifice, faith and responsibility. (Sounds like she’s got the right idea!)

As if that wasn’t enough, Nina next introduced a contest for her followers!

“Be my Valentine?” she tweeted. “Whoever can send me the most creative Valentine’s card with their lipstick kiss will win…” and she linked to the Amazon.com page for The Vampire Diaries complete seasons 1-3 bundle pack. She also wanted to make sure her followers knew this contest wasn’t just for girls, tweeting, “you too boys… If you have the courage, show me how die hard you are and send me a valentine card with your lipstick kiss.” She included the hash tag #NinasValentine.

And in case any of Nina’s followers needed a last-minute V-Day gift idea, she had them covered: “Ladies print this one out as an added surprise for your fella,” she tweeted, along with a cut-able coupon book for massages, movie dates and more.

What Was Ian Somerhalder Up To On Valentine’s Day?
Ian, 34, wasn’t quite as forthcoming with his tweets — we’re guessing he didn’t have as much downtime as his leading lady — but he did manage to shoot one message out to his 3.38 million followers:

“Good night beautiful world,” he tweeted.

That’s right, Ian called you beautiful. You’re welcome.

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