31 Jan 2013

Asteroid 2012 DA14 Will Just Barely Miss The Earth On February 15th, Destructive Potential Of An H-Bomb

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is going to just miss the Earth on February 15th. It will pass by at a distance of just 14,913 miles, which is closer than many satellites orbit. If it did strike the Earth, which it may in the future, the 164ft long asteroid has about as much destructive potential as an H-bomb. So if it hit an urban area the damage would be enormous, and that’s not even including side effects such as changes in the weather, and possible tsunamis.

As Don Yeomans, of NASA’s Near Earth Object Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, says: it will be a “record-setting close approach. 2012 DA14 will definitely not hit Earth. The orbit of the asteroid is known well enough to rule out an impact.”

Researchers have estimated that if a strike did occur, that it would level an area larger than all of Greater London. Just back in 1908 there was an asteroid impact of similar size, the Tunguska event. The (estimated) 131ft asteroid completely flattened over 772 square miles of Siberian forest.

“That is an area the size of Greater London,” said Dr. Gerhard Drolshagen, a near-Earth object observer from the European Space Agency’s Space Situational Awareness (SSA) office. “This asteroid is a little bigger.”

Dr Yeomans continued: “Since regular sky surveys began in the 1990s, we’ve never seen an object this big get so close to Earth.”

“The rock in question is believed to be made of stone, rather than metal or ice and Yeomans estimates an asteroid of that sort flies past Earth on average every 40 years, but is only likely to strike the planet ever 1,200 years or so. An estimated 500,000 near-Earth objects measuring up to 98ft are believed to be undiscovered.”

Dr Detlef Koschny, also from the SSA, said: “We are developing a system of automated optical telescopes that can detect asteroids just like this one, with the goal of being able to spot them at least three weeks before closest approach to Earth.”

Unfortunately, even though it will be passing very close to the Earth it will not be visible with the naked eye. It will peak around an apparent magnitude of 7.4.

The asteroid’s orbit will likely be changed to some degree by its very close pass-by, but isn’t expected to pass any closer than 0.0004 AU from the center-point of the Earth on its next pass-by in 2046.

26 Jan 2013

Parfait tic manga review

Synonyms: Parfait Tic
Type: Manga
Volumes: 22
Chapters: 149
Status: Finished
Published: 2000 to 2007
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo
Authors: Nanaji, Nagamu (Story)
Serialization: Margaret

I was pretty surprised how much I really got into it too!  First off, the art is GREAT!  And this one was like, blatantly <3-triangle, spelled out in the first chapter.  But I never, for a moment, doubted whether or not Fuuko liked the cousins.  The relationships are really REALLY well done.  There's nothing rushed about it.
Fuuko is a happy and cheerful girl. One day, two cousins, Daiya and Ichi, move into the apartment upstairs. Cold Ichi and mischievous Daiya gave a very bad first impression. All three are going to the same school as well. How will Fuuko's high school life turn out?

I found this story to be extremely interesting and realistic. Usually in manga, the girl falls in love with a guy and stays with him and eventually moves on to the second guy and stays with him permanently if it's a love triangle. However, this manga portrays life- girls that are unsettled on their love. The truth is, we don't understand our hearts and our love interests tend to change as well. The same happens with the female protagonist of Parfait Tic, Fuuko. 

She's uncertain as to her feelings for Daiya and Ichi. And Daiya and Ichi are so lovable as well. Of course, the male protagonists are clichéd. You have Daiya, the fun, lively, and funny one who's in danger of failing school. He appeals to the fun-loving Fuuko chan and she takes a liking to him. And then on the other hand, you have the cold Ichi kun, the smart one who doesn't take any nonsense. He's more secretive and has a lot more complexity to his character than Daiya. However, when push comes to shove, he too has feelings for Fuuko. It's a battle between the cousins for Fuuko's love. Who will win? 

The only flaw with this series is its length. I feel like some parts are dragged out way too long...especially with Fuuko when she's rejected by one guy and has to learn how to move on...or when she's confused about her feelings for one or more of them. It gets annoying when you need to plow through 10+ painful chapters of her feeling remorse and depression when she sees the face of the guy that she used to like and now has to learn to act normal with. It was extremely annoying and repetitive, especially since this cycle of like, love, express feelings, get rejected repeats two/three times. And the guys...at times I felt like they were being cowards, Ichi mostly. He acted like a spoiled brat rather than that masculine shojo male figure girl's look up to. He doubted himself and he caused Fuuko to feel pain...now that does happen in manga, but it takes him forever to realize his mistake and his true feelings. But then again I think it takes time to over come issues in real life too right?

It's very cutesy, typical shoujo. I LOVE the facial expressions though, especially chibi versions. Overall, the artwork is visually appealing, but I enjoy it most for its comedy. I will definitly recommend it if you are for unrequited love or for love triangles. GAH I wish the series will end soon because it's taking forever. I think I know who she ends up with so for those of you who have read up to chapter 114 [because I'm updating myself with onemanga.com], there's probably a final arc where she will switch her love interest to the other guy [don't want to mention any names], and I think that'll be the conclusion of the story...or so I hope.
Anyhow, definitely a cute one to read so try it and see for yourself :D

17 Jan 2013

Koishi tagari no blue manga review

Synonyms: Koi Shita Gari no Blue
Type: Manga
Volumes: 6
Chapters: 24
Status: Finished
Published: Not available
Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo
Authors: Fujiwara, Yoshiko (Story & Art)
Serialization: Cheese!

I dont recall what it is that first drew me to this manga, but whatever it was, god bless.
This is a story of "a fake love turned real".At first, it sounds a little stupid, with the 'fake girlfriend/boyfriend' thing, but as the story develops, it gets actually really good.

“Won’t you become my girlfriend?”
On the day of her high school entrance ceremony, Ao got asked that by Riku, a guy that she has only just met. But by that, he meant to ask her to become his fake girlfriend, just to pretend. Ao was surprised by the sudden request, but after knowing Riku’s true feeling, she decided to agree to become his fake girlfriend...?
It really reminds me of Bokura Ga Ita, because of the complicated relationships and because of the numerous love triangles; but this is what makes the story so interesting.

The one thing that really strikes me about this manga that's different from your other typical love triangle shojou manga is that there isnt a 'bad' character. You can sympathize with every character and understand their motives, insecurities and thoughts and perhaps even admit that you'd do the same in their situation  Ao, for example, isn't the type of mindless girl who would sacrifice anything for a boy, she values her friends just as much. The ideology of love/having a boyfriend is the most important aspect of a girls life that is presented is so many manga really irritates the feminist inside me but these characters, Ao especially, were a refreshing and realistic change.

The art is different, and admittedly can be messy at times; for those of you looking for hot bishies, you won't find any here (the character of Riku makes up for this loss) However one thing I have to congratulate Fujiwara on is the expressions of the characters. They are absolute comedy gold, and make the characters all the more lovable.
All in all, it was a pretty pleasant read, that made me laugh at times and feel kinda emotional at others :]

15 Jan 2013

100% no kimi e manga review

Synonyms: 100% to You
Type: Manga
Volumes: 2
Chapters: 8
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 11, 2004 to Jun 13, 2005
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
Authors: Suetsugu, Yuki (Story & Art)
Serialization: Bessatsu Friend

Actually one of my friends picked up this manga for me. I just casually started reading it on a very tired and lonely day. By the time I finished it.. it really put me in a good mood. This story was just absolutely TOO cute. :) Don't be fooled by the cover art, this is a light story. This story follows the basic shoujo theme of boy-meets-girl-etc. The story follows their relationship with the dog throughout the manga, and I love dogs, so maybe that's why I loved this manga so much.

Always giving in to many little things, Yuzu transfers from a prestigious girls’ school to a co-ed because of her family. Since the first day, she felt uncomfortable with the too open ethos of the school. While trying to fit in, she met a guy who she is irresistibly attracted to. He, Yuzu, and a puppy, form a map of love together.

Yuzu is very naive girl as expected from shoujo heroine but she is not an airhead. While on the other hand Kashio is not popular guy in the school like every other male protagonist in shoujo manga. To be frank most of the story seems to be like unrequited love story. But the dog always keeps them together no matter what happens. The puppy forms a very special bond between them. The characters are well developed for a 8- chapter manga. The art is really nice. I really liked yuzu's hair and how cute the puppy is drawn.

I would definitly recommend this manga. Its really puts u at peace. Its very nice read for a boring day. You get the guy- girl  love story with  loads of cuteness from the puppy. Its very light story, it makes you feel like you dint even know when did the manga end. After that you will wish for more. :)
Happy reading.

14 Jan 2013

Sony Unveils Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Xperia Smartphone

Sony's new entrant in the smartphone category distinguishes itself by resisting water and dust, and also jumps on a few mobile-device trends as well. To gain traction, however, it needs a bigger U.S. carrier foothold. "When you have Apple and Samsung owning 90 percent of this market," said ABI Research analyst Michael Morgan, "it's tough."

Sony Mobile Communications announced the newest model in its Xperia line, the waterproof and dustproof Xperia Z.

Sony Xperia Z
The 4G LTE device has a 13-MP camera and a five-inch full HD 1080p Reality display powered by Sony's Bravia Engine 2. It is built around a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, and runs Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

The Xperia Z, which is Sony Mobile's new flagship device, comes preloaded with the company's Walkman, Album and Movies apps.

Owners can share music, photos and videos between the Xperia Z and NFC-enabled Sony devices, including speakers, headphones and the new Bravia TV.
"No other smartphone manufacturer can provide consumers with access to the complete ecosystem of entertainment, hardware and connectivity between devices which Sony can," Stephen Sneeden, Xperia product marketing manager at Sony Mobile, told TechNewsWorld. "With our media applications, we are bringing people a much richer and consistent  entertainment experience across a range of Sony devices."

The Xperia Z Experience

The Xperia Z has a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen display with 1920 x 1080 p resolution that has an on-screen QWERTY keyboard. It has tempered glass and anti-shatter film on the front and back, and is dust- and water-resistant.

A couple of features -- the Bravia Engine tie-in to the screen and the Fast Capture feature in the smartphone's 13-MP rear camera -- were introduced in the Xperia Ion last year.

The rear camera has the back-illuminated Exmor RS sensor, HDR video and noise reduction. It also has face detection, auto focus, burst mode and offers 16x digital zoom.

There is a front-facing 2.2-MP 1080p camera with geotagging and the ability to record HD video.

The Xperia Z's processor runs at 1.5 GHz, and the device has a Battery Stamina mode that improves standby time at least 400 percent by turning off background data use when the screen is turned off -- if it's enabled. The camera also has a whitelist that lets select apps remain active.

The smartphone will run Android 4.1 at launch, and will be upgraded to Android 4.2 shortly after that.

Connectivity includes LTE, HSPA+, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

Pre-loaded applications include the Walkman app, which provides access to a user's downloaded music and a library of 18 million songs, and various Google applications, among which are Play, search, voice search and maps.

The Xperia Z has a microSD card slot that can take cards with up to 32-GB capacity.

Biggest Structure In The Universe Found, Large Quasar Group Of An Incredible Scale

The largest known structure in the universe has just been discovered, and is so large that it completely violates a number of widely-accepted theories. It’s a large quasar group (LQG), that’s so enormous that it would take someone traveling at the speed of light at least four billion years to completely pass through it.

The discovery, made by an international group of researchers being led by the University of Central Lancashire, seems to directly contradict Einstein’s Cosmological Principle. The Cosmological Principle is “the assumption that the universe, when viewed at a sufficiently large scale, looks the same no matter where you are observing it from.” Of course, the theory could still hold true, but it would involve ‘observing’ the universe on a much larger scale than we do.
“The modern theory of cosmology is based on the work of Albert Einstein, and depends on the assumption of the Cosmological Principle. The Principle is assumed but has never been demonstrated observationally ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.”

For a better understanding of the scale of this thing; “our galaxy, the Milky Way, is separated from its nearest neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy, by about 0.75 Megaparsecs (Mpc) or 2.5 million light-years.”
“Whole clusters of galaxies can be 2-3 Mpc across but LQGs can be 200 Mpc or more across. Based on the Cosmological Principle and the modern theory of cosmology, calculations suggest that astrophysicists should not be able to find a structure larger than 370 Mpc.”
The newly found LQG has a ‘typical’ dimension of 500 Mpc. Which is already much larger on its own, but “because it is elongated, its longest dimension is 1200 Mpc (or 4 billion light years) — some 1600 times larger than the distance from the Milky Way to Andromeda.”
As Dr Clowes says: “While it is difficult to fathom the scale of this LQG, we can say quite definitely it is the largest structure ever seen in the entire universe. This is hugely exciting — not least because it runs counter to our current understanding of the scale of the universe.”
‘Even travelling at the speed of light, it would take 4 billion … years to cross. This is significant not just because of its size but also because it challenges the Cosmological Principle, which has been widely accepted since Einstein. Our team has been looking at similar cases which add further weight to this challenge and we will be continuing to investigate these fascinating phenomena.”
“Quasars are the nuclei of galaxies from the early days of the universe that undergo brief periods of extremely high brightness that make them visible across huge distances. These periods are ‘brief’ in astrophysics terms but actually last 10-100 million years.”
“Since 1982 it has been known that quasars tend to group together in clumps or ‘structures’ of surprisingly large sizes, forming large quasar groups or LQGs.”
The new discovery was just detailed in an article published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Here’s some more information on Quasars:
“A quasi-stellar radio source (‘quasar’) is a very energetic and distant active galactic nucleus. Quasars are extremely luminous and were first identified as being high redshift sources of electromagnetic energy, including radio waves and visible light, that were point-like, similar to stars, rather than extended sources similar to galaxies.”
“While the nature of these objects was controversial until as recently as the early 1980s, there is now a scientific consensus that a quasar is a compact region in the center of a massive galaxy surrounding its central supermassive black hole. Its size is 10–10,000 times the Schwarzschild radius of the black hole. The quasar is powered by an accretion disc around the black hole.”

Taylor Swift shows Harry what he's missing in backless gown

The newly-single country star looked ravishing in a glamorous Donna Karen plum gown that ended in a deep V to reveal her slim back.
She put on a brave face despite sources saying the One Direction star called off their one-month long relationship because he was getting increasingly frustrated with her prudish ways.

Arriving solo, Taylor was in lively spirits during red carpet interviews, but avoided all talk of Harry, instead saying of the awards do: “It’s cold but it’s the most exciting experience.”
But inside the bash she had to smile through gritted teeth as host Tina Fey mocked her short-lived relationship with the signer.
The comedienne rounded up a section of the awards by making jokes about how drunk the audience was getting, then said: “You know what Taylor Swift, you stay away from Michael J Fox’s son.”
After being greeted by cheers and applause from the A-list audience she added: “Or go for it.”.
Tina continued: “She needs some me time to learn about herself,” referring to Taylor’s reputation as a serial dater

But last night Taylor proved that revenge is a dish best served hot, as she wowed crowds in the striking backless gown with fishtail train.
Wearing her hair in a grown-up side bun, she kept her make-up simple and accessorised beautifully with drop diamond earrings.
Taylor was nominated in the Best Original song category for Hunger Games song Safe and Sound, but lost out to Adele for Bond title-track Skyfall.
It’s been revealed she’s already penned FIVE songs about her break-up with Styles – despite the couple only splitting less than two weeks ago.
A source said: “Lyrics have been written, but Taylor hasn’t come close to deciding whether she’ll ever release them.
"A song about it will surface at some point but it won’t be anything like the way she had a dig at her other ex John Mayer in one of her other tracks.”

Barbara Palvin Blames Selena Gomez For Causing Justin Bieber Drama

Barbara Palvin is not happy with Selena Gomez. In a new interview, the model blames Selena for all the “ridiculous” stories that have been written about her and Justin Bieber. 

“You know how the drama started — Selena retweeted the picture,” Barbara told Celebuzz on Jan. 12.

Selena, 20, posted a photo of Justin, Lil’ Twist and Barbara together with just, “…” on Nov. 8. It was clear that Selena was mad at Justin for hanging with the model.

“I’m okay to talk about it because I know there’s nothing. It’s ridiculous how this got to the news,” Barbara said to the website.

Barbara claims she was just “hanging out” with Justin, 18, during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on Nov. 7.

“That was it . . . that’s why it was so weird. [Jelena fans] thought I caused a big drama, their break-up.”

“hey everyone. please calm down. he is all yours!!” Barbara wrote on Twitter on Nov. 9, in response to fans getting angry with her.

“I wanted to meet him real bad,” Barbara added. “I watched his movie [Justin Bieber: Never Say Never] and I was like, ‘He’s such a cool kid, I want to meet him.’ And then when I did at the [Victoria’s Secret] show we met and of course we had a conversation and then I took the picture with him.”

Miley Cyrus dreams about Katy Perry

"Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus says her latest girl crush is pop star Katy Perry.

The 'Can't Be Tamed' singer, who is engaged to 'The Hunger Games' star Liam Hemsworth, says she sometimes dreams about locking lips with the 28-year-old 'I Kissed A Girl' hitmaker and wishes they were real, reported Contactmusic.

"Had dreams about Katy Perry all night... That was a good time! (sic)," she posted on Twitter.

After revealing her latest crush, the 20-year-old singer-actress said she planned to spend the rest of the day helping her Australian fiance celebrate his 23rd birthday.

"It's my baby's birthday today so no tweeting. Got to spend that quality time gonna be on a little twitter hiatus for a bit. Love you all (sic)," she added.

Emma watson photos from The star Malaysia magazine

Daniel Radcliffe earned 17 mn pounds last year

“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe reportedly earned a profit of 17 million pounds from his work last year.

The company that manages his assets, including all Potter-related earnings, is now worth 48 million pounds – up from 31.2 million pounds in 2011, reports thesun.co.uk.

“He’s very savvy with money and is worth far more than many successful actors twice his age. Hollywood has been a big earner for him. But Daniel’s gone further and sunk that capital into shares and property. He’s been the same way throughout his career,” a source said.

Radcliffe was last seen in “The Woman In Black”. His next film will be a thriller titled “Horns”. 

Sea Levels Could Rise Substantially More Than Previous IPCC Reports Have Predicted

The seas of the world could rise substantially more in the future than has been previously predicted in IPCC reports. This is primarily because the the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are likely going to melt considerably more than was previously estimated by the IPCC, new research from the University of Bristol has found.

This research is the “first of its kind on ice sheet melting to use structured expert elicitation (EE) together with an approach which mathematically pools experts’ opinions. EE is already used in a number of other scientific fields such as forecasting volcanic eruptions.”
Antarctica and Greenland are covered in enormous ice sheets that contain around 99.5 percent of the world’s glacier ice. If this was all to melt, global sea levels would rise by an incredible 63 meters, or about 207 feet. “The ice sheets are the largest potential source of future sea level rise — and they also possess the largest uncertainty over their future behaviour. They present some unique challenges for predicting their future response using numerical modelling and, as a consequence, alternative approaches have been explored.”
“One such approach is via carefully soliciting and pooling expert judgements — a practice already used in fields as diverse as eruption forecasting and the spread of vector borne diseases. In this study Professor Jonathan Bamber and Professor Willy Aspinall used such an approach to assess the uncertainties in the future response of the ice sheets.”
“They found that the median estimate for the sea level contribution from the ice sheets by 2100 was 29cm with a 5 per cent probability that it could exceed 84cm. When combined with other sources of sea level rise, this implies a conceivable risk of a rise of greater than 1m by 2100, which would have deeply profound consequences for humankind. The IPCC’s report provided figures ranging from 18cm to 59cm for six possible scenarios.”
“The researchers also found that the scientists, as a group, were highly uncertain about the cause of the recent increase in ice sheet mass loss observed by satellites and equally unsure whether this was part of a long term trend or due to short-term fluctuations in the climate system.”
Professor Bamber said: “This is the first study of its kind on ice sheet melting to use a formalized mathematical pooling of experts’ opinions. It demonstrates the value and potential of this approach for a wide range of similar problems in climate change research, where past data and current numerical modelling have significant limitations when it comes to forecasting future trends and patterns.”

12 Jan 2013

Samsung shows off 'unbreakable' phone which rolls up like paper

The screen uses the same OLED - organic LED - technology as many current smartphones, but encased in plastic instead of glass.
Samsung wowed an audience in Las Vegas this week with a working mobile phone screen which can be rolled and unrolled like a sheet of paper.

The screen kept working as it was rolled and unrolled - showing off that it is far more flexible than previous 'bendable' screens. 

The screen uses the same OLED - organic LED - technology as many current smartphones, but encased in plastic instead of glass. 

The prototype device is built to be "virtually unbreakable", Samsung claims.

The device was shown off by Brian Berkeley, senior vice-president of Samsung Display, at a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“Our team was able to make a high resolution display on extremely thin plastic instead of glass, so it won’t break even if it’s dropped,” said Berkeley. 

“This new form factor will really begin to change how people interact with their devices, opening up new lifestyle possibilities.”

The new display is called “Youm."

Berkeley also showed off a smartphone prototype equipped with a curved edge, which works almost like a 'second screen' around the edge of the device. 

The Korean technology company remained quiet on when flexible phones might go on sale

11 Jan 2013

The Vampire Diaries': 'After School Special' episode Stills

Back NEXT WEEK, in “After School Special” Rebekah (Holt) wastes no time trying to force Stefan (Wesley), Elena (Dobrev) and Caroline (Accola) to answer her questions about the search for a cure, leading to a bombshell piece of information from Elena.

Meanwhile, at the lake house, Damon (Somerhalder) and Matt (Roerig) train Jeremy (McQueen), trying to raise his game as a hunter, but Klaus (Morgan) is impatient with their progress and intervenes to speed up the process.

“After School Special” airs Thursday, January 17th @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

Check out the stills here

Robert Pattinson wants to own a pub

British actor Robert Pattinson loves traditional British pubs and says that he wants to own one here.

"I would love to own a pub in London at some point...I wouldn't want to buy a pub that was all trendy and done Gastro style food, I just want a real working men's pub," contcatmusic.com quoted the 26-year-old as saying.

"I wouldn't want it to become the sort of place people went to spot celebrities. I just want it to be a real pub where men discuss the issues of the day," he added.

He also believes pubs are one of the most important parts of every community.

"The UK is home of pubs, and we need to make sure we protect them. Every time I am back home and see that a local pub has closed down, it actually makes me sad. The local can be the focal point of the community, and if we lose them, we lose one of the things that is greatest about Britain," he added.

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Lotte Duty Free 2012 S/S화보 MAKING CUT

Miley Cyrus cuddles up to a cardboard Harry Styles in Twitter pic

IT didn't take too long for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift to break up before another young popstar was cuddling up to him.

But no one suspected it would be Miley Cyrus.

The engaged songstress posted a picture of herself and younger sister cuddling up to a paper cut-out of the One Direction hunk in bed.

But the Disney star was quick to defend the cheeky snap.

“In no way do I want Harry. No offense. I'm sure that'll be a story now 2. I'm happily engaged. Just got saucy with a cardboard cut out (sic),” she wrote.

The picture shows the 20-year-old blonde gazing adoringly at the fake Styles alongside the words: “All I want for my birrffffday is a big booty h*e. All @noahcyrus wants for her BIRFFFDAY is @harry_styles (sic),”

Her 13-year-old sister, who is a big fan of One Direction was celebrating her birthday when Cyrus posted the picture.

Harry Styles dumped Taylor Swift

According to US gossip site Radar Online the 18-year-old heart-throb grew increasingly frustrated with Taylor because of her prudish ways in the days leading up to their split.
A source revealed to Radar that Taylor is nervous about how she is seen by the public so she won't "put out".
They said: “Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a wh*re because she dates around, that she doesn’t put out, what she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”
Another insider reportedly told Radar that Harry got bored by Taylor, 23, constantly talking about antiques.

And it seems that it was their differing lifestyles that eventually drove the couple apart after just 65 days together.
The source added: “Harry wants to go out to fancy bars and clubs and enjoy being young – but Taylor’s more of a homebody and all she would talk about was antiques!”
“It drove him crazy, so he gave her the elbow!”

Taylor swift hates Miley cyrus?

TAYLOR Swift is no longer interested in being friends with Miley Cyrus — because the teen star is too mach of a wild child!

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Taylor is worried Miley’s bad behavior will tarnish her own carefully crafted good-girl image.

“Taylor refuses to hang out with Miley anymore,” revealed a close source. “She’s telling friends there’s no place in her life for Miley and her crazy antics.

“She’s so worried that Miley is a a loose cannon that she decided to make a clean break. She did it without any explanation to avoid any kind of scandalous confrontation.

“Miley is furious! She’s trashing Taylor as a back-stabbing fake.

“It’s going to take a miracle to save Miley and Taylor’s friendship.”

Emma Watson looks stunning in unusual graphic cut-out dress at The People's Choice Awards

It was a night of undoubted glamour.
And British actress Emma Watson certainly flew the flag for the UK at The People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening in a very short graphic cut-out dress which accentuated her slender figure.
Emma, 22, opted for an unusual thigh skimming Peter Pilotto dress for the glitzy awards bash, where she picked up Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress for movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

The Harry Potter actress looked delighted to pick up an award at the ceremony, which is known as the younger, funkier sibling of the Golden Globes and the Oscars.
And during the ceremony, nerves obviously high the young actress was seen cosying up to Wallflower co-star Ezra Miller, who looked dashing in a grey suit.

Nina Dobrev Engaged to Ian Somerhalder?

Are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder engaged?

That’s what Perez Hilton thinks.

Reviewing pictures of Dobrev from a Christian Dior event on Wednesday, the blogger discovered “a mysterious gold ring on her left hand!”

He declares, “It can only mean one thing… SHE’S ENGAGED TO IAN SOMERHALDER!!!”

Among the bits of “evidence” Perez cites are the fact that it was Dobrev’s birthday, and her “ginormous smile… the kind you get when someone proposes!”

Boy, that’s rock solid detective work.

Unfortunately, Perez is 100 percent WRONG.

A rep for Dobrev tells Gossip Cop the engagement report is “totally untrue.”

10 Jan 2013

Good morning call manga review

English: Good Morning Call
Synonyms: Kare to Kanojo ni Hanataba wo, His and Her Fortune Bouquet
Type: Manga
Volumes: 11
Chapters: 56
Status: Finished
Published: Sep 1997 to Apr 2002
Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Authors: Takasuka, Yue (Story & Art)
Serialization: Ribon Magazine

Cute and funny, Good Morning Call is a manga I'd recommend to any shoujo fan that is looking for a upbeat and lighthearted story to enjoy some time and laugh a little.

GMC is the story of Nao Yoshikawa, a 15 year old girl who stays behind in the city when her parents move to the countryside. Excited at the prospect of living alone for the first time, she soon encounters a problem: the apartment where she's going to live has also been rented to a boy, Hisashi Uehara who (of course) is one of the most popular guys at her school.

Unable to decide who should keep the apartment (and also faced with a raise in the rental fee), these two decide to become roomates, even though they have nothing in common and didn't even know each other until then. You can probably guess what happens next.

I really like the way this mangaka draws her characters, especially when they make silly expressions. The heroine in this is quite silly, but likeable, and her relationship with Uehara provides some really funny situations, most of them thanks to the fact that he is probably one of the least romantic and cheesy shoujo heroes ever.

The low point is probably the extension. Most readers might be put off by the lack of real plot in the second half of the series. Some volumes are actually full of fillers that, while funny, don't really bring that much to the story.