22 Sep 2011

Apple's Next Event to Be Held on October 4, Starring Its New CEO

That’s the day Apple is currently expected to hold its next big media event, according to sources close to the situation, where the tech giant will unveil the next iteration of its popular iPhone.

While there have been a lot of conflicting reports about the exact timing of the event, including some that pegged it as taking place this month, AllThingsD had previously posted that the rollout of the iPhone 5 would be in October.

While Apple could certainly change its plans anytime, sources said that the October 4 date has been selected by the company to showcase the iPhone 5. Sources added that the plan is now to make the new device available for purchase within a few weeks after the announcement.

And while the iPhone 5 is a much anticipated handset, the event itself has a lot more importance for Apple than many previous ones.

That’s because it will be newly installed CEO Tim Cook’s first big product introduction and the place where the public will get a first lengthy impression of him that may well set the tone for Cook’s new role.

And that’s why, said sources, although he’s never quarterbacked an Apple product announcement before, Cook is certain to preside over the iPhone 5 rollout.

He has to, of course. To pass the presentation on to anyone else — even one of Apple’s key executives such as Phil Schiller, who has handled the Macworld and Worldwide Developers Conference keynotes in 2009 — would undercut Cook’s new role and reinforce public perception that its legendary outgoing CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs is Apple and that it will be a different company without him.

So, like his predecessor and as Jobs’s right-hand man and chosen successor, Cook is expected to be the main presenter at all big Apple media events going forward.

That said, sources said, he’s sure to have help from Apple lieutenants, such as marketing head Schiller, iOS chief Scott Forstall and Eddy Cue, recently named SVP of Internet Software and Services.

Still, the pressure will be on Cook to turn in a good performance at the event, especially after what has so far been a very smooth leadership transition at Apple.

What will be interesting to see, of course, is if Jobs himself will also make an appearance, which is something that is likely to be determined by his health in a decision that will made very close to the event.

And while putting Jobs onstage with Cook could diminish the new leader’s first public effort, what better “one more thing” than Jobs himself making a cameo appearance?

Kristen Stewart Makes a Hot Vampire, According to Taylor Lautner

Kristen Stewart definitely has legions of fans who no doubt consider her to be a pretty sultry vampire in The Twilight Saga. Of course, her on-screen and off-screen love interest, Robert Pattinson, has that sexy heart-throb reputation going for himself, too. Now that the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn installment is a mere two months from its big première, there is more and more buzz each day with sneak peek film stills, photos, and beyond—all of which qualify as pretty steamy.

Another person who counts Stewart as a stunning vampire? Her Twilight co-star and good friend Taylor Lautner, who carries his own hefty hunk card as well. He plays werewolf Jacob Black in the series and has long been at the one end of the highly debated battle between Team Jacob versus Team Edward (Robert Pattinson). In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Lautner ventured to compliment Kristen Stewart, saying, "[Bella is] pretty hot [as a vampire]! Pretty hot, I've gotta admit it." He must not be worried about any retaliation from Pattinson. His is just platonic admiration and friendly support anyway.

The Abduction actor didn't leave Twi-hards hanging either; in the interview, he also commented on the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie. In fact, he positively gushed about the flick, which he's had the opportunity to preview. "To be honest, I was blown away! It's going to be very exciting for the fans to see this one. It's the same characters, but in a completely different light," he said, according to Celebuzz.

But, there's more! Taylor Lautner hasn't just referred to Kristen Stewart as a "hot" vampire. In another recent interview, he called her "cute," specifically when the sometimes reserved and publicly awkward actress gets nervous and shy. And he's even been very supportive of Stewart's spin on Snow White, a character his rumored girlfriend, Lily Collins, is also playing in a separate movie.

Team Jacob, Team Edward, or both, one thing's certain: Lautner is Team Kristen Stewart all the way.

Robert Pattinson rubbishes solo album rumours

Twilight' star Robert Pattinson's representative has insisted that the actor has no plans to launch a solo music career. 

Pattinson, 25, who is a keen musician and has even recorded songs for the soundtrack of the first Twilight film, has also long spoken of his desire to pursue a career in music. 

And rumours that the actor has begun work on his debut solo album started circulating this week. 

But, according to Mtv News, a spokesperson of his has rubbished the rumours and insisted that the story is not true. 

"The report is untrue. He is not working on an album right now," Contactmusic quoted the spokesperson as saying.

Kim Hyun Joong Featured on HANRYU PIA

Taylor Swift Readies Live Release

Taylor Swift has announced via an online video that she will release Speak Now World Tour - Live on November 21 through Big Machine Records. The set will be available as a CD/DVD or CD/Blu-ray. The DVD/Blu-ray will feature performances of all 17 songs that Swift played on the Speak Now tour, while the CD will include 75 minutes of live music. 

In the YouTube video, which was filmed backstage at a concert in Nashville, Swift says: "I just wanted to tell you guys that in November I have a CD/DVD coming out of the Speak Now tour. I'm very excited about it! I can't wait for you guys to see it. I'm about to go underneath the stage, and then I'm gonna go on an elevator that's going to lift me up, and there are going to be about 15,000 people there, so wish me luck! I hope you really love the DVD."

The North American leg of the Speak Now World Tour wraps on November 22 in New York, and Swift also will perform at the 2011 Country Music Awards on November 9. The full tracklist for the Speak Now World Tour - Live DVD/Blu-ray is as follows:

"Sparks Fly"
"Story of Us"
"Our Song"
"Back To December"
"Better Than Revenge"
"Speak Now"
"Last Kiss"
"You Belong With Me"
"Dear John"
"Long Live"
"Love Story"

'Brangelina 2.0'! Teenage lovebirds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pose with six babies for mock family portrait

They may only be teenagers, but it seems that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are eager to follow in the footstep of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and start a giant brood.
The young couple are seen posing with six babies in a new snap, which Bieber posted on his Instagram account according to his representatives.
The family portrait is however a joke, as the picture was captioned 'Brangelina 2.0 hahahahahaha.'

In the snap, Bieber and Selena are seen sitting on a picnic blanket surrounded by toys and a child stroller in the background.
The pair hold two babies each, as two more sit in front of them with Bieber  laying a protective hand on one of the child's arm. 
Beaming, both teens are dressed in casual clothes, with Selena in jeans and a pretty top, and Justin in a white singlet. 
The emergence of the snap comes as the teen singing sensation recently revealed he wants to have children when he is in his mid-twenties.

He said: 'I want to be a young dad, by 25 or 26 I want to see myself, like, married or start looking for a family.'
While his words might send the Beliebers - his army of loyal fans - into a frenzy, the person who should be excited is Selena, who Bieber also calls 'amazing' in the interview.

Justin Bieber Teases 'Shocking' Collaboration For Christmas Album

On Tuesday, Justin Bieber had this message for fans eagerly awaiting some new music from the teen star: "oh yeah ... and i think LESS THAN A MONTH ... I'm gonna give you some #newmusic." Bieber is busy in the studio locking down features for his forthcoming Christmas album.

With rumored collaborations with Sean Kingston and Taylor Swift, as well as a confirmed track, "Falalalala," with Boyz II Men, Bieber is hustling to get the album done.

"He thought we'd be perfect for it," Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman said of their work with the star. "And we went in and locked in."

On Wednesday, Bieber not only confirmed another guest for the album, the Band Perry, but also teased a secret one. "@thebandperry heard the final version of our song for the Christmas album!! Love it. glad to have you!" he wrote, before going back and forth with his manager, Scooter Braun, about that other feature.

"Wow. Just got an #epic phone call regarding @justinbieber xmas album. 1 of the most #Legendary performers ever is joining the album!!" Braun tweeted.

Bieber responded, "@scooterbraun cant believe it ... completely #HONORED. I think people are going to be shocked. I was. #christmas." In addition to all the feature updates, Bieber revealed, "working hard on this #SOMEDAY shoot. they are playing my first single from the christmas album. what is the name of it again .... hmmmm ....."

Bieber apparently also has something big in store for fans this week. Braun only had this to say about it: "kinda hyped right now .... @justinbieber has something pretty wild in store for this week. #remix."

Emma watson is hopeless romantic

Emma Watson has admitted she is a hopeless romantic and likes men who are willing to be open about their feelings.
The " Harry Potter" actress believes the way people conduct relationships has changed over the years. But the 21-year-old beauty insists she is still a fan of traditional romance, reports femalefirst. "I've always been a hopeless romantic. I think, 'Why not?' It's nice. I think there's a perception that perhaps my generation doesn't believe in romance so much. I would be tempted to disagree and say we do believe in romance, seduction and gallantry, but that courtship and the game is played in a different way," she said. "I think as I'm growing up, my definition of love is becoming a lot broader," she added.

Daniel Radcliffe on 'Star Wars' vs. 'Harry Potter'

As the star of a wildly popular film franchise, you’d think Daniel Radcliffe would be well-versed in pop culture phenomenons. But as it turns out, Harry Potter himself hasn’t seen “Star Wars”!

In an interview with Moviefone, Radcliffe reveals that he’s never seen the 1977 space opera. “Yeah, I know. It’s really bad,” he says of the gap in his film knowledge.

The 22-year-old actor explains, “I saw 'The Phantom Menace,' and everyone's like, ‘You saw that one! You didn't see the originals?!’ I know! I was ten! I didn't know any better!”

But despite never having seen the films – of which Radcliffe says, “I'm sure they're amazing and incredible” – the actor does have a criticism. “I think there is a slightly more balanced split between the sexes in the fan base of 'Potter,'” Radcliffe postulates. “I associate 'Star Wars' as being a predominantly male thing. And I think 'Potter' is split more evenly.”

He also notes that “because 'Potter' started out as a book, it's created a generation of literary nerds in a way that 'Star Wars' perhaps didn't.”

Despite the differences, Radcliffe says he sees where the comparison comes from. “I do think of 'Potter' as being this generation's 'Star Wars,'" the actor says. "It's something that an entire generation has lost themselves in and it's a meticulously created, detailed world.”

And Radcliffe  loves the major thing that “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” have in common: nerds. “Nerds are the best things in the world,” he says, “I think of myself as a nerd.”

And this nerd won’t be a “Star Wars” virgin for long – someone is getting him the new Blu-rays.

“I know that I would love them because I'm a geek,” he says, “so I would definitely get into them.”

A CHICAGO man stabbed his mother to death then doused her body in chemicals after she refused to buy him tickets to an Avril Lavigne concert, a jury found.

Robert Lyons, 39, was found guilty of first-degree murder yesterday after a weeklong trial, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Prosecutors said that Lyons began to argue with his mother, Linda Bolek, when she refused to call a friend to arrange tickets for the concert in 2008.

Lyons stabbed his mother nine times in the back, then poured insecticide and drain cleaner on her body, prosecutors said.

A jury deliberated for just two hours before returning their verdict, the report said.

21 Sep 2011

Miley Cyrus adds voice to Phillip Island fight

MILEY Cyrus has joined the fight against the Baillieu Government and its decision to allow a major housing development on Phillip Island farmland.

The Hannah Montana star has thrown her celebrity clout behind a community campaign to preserve land near the township of Ventnor, where she is a frequent visitor to the family home of her beau, Liam Hemsworth.

After Planning Minister Matthew Guy overturned a council decision and extended the township boundaries to allow up to 200 extra houses to be built on coastal farmland, Cyrus took to Twitter to publicly support the anti-development campaign to her 2.5 million followers.

"Phillip Island is such a magical place, it would be a shame to see it change," Cyrus tweeted yesterday.

The Ventnor community is planning a protest today to coincide with the gazetting of the new town boundaries ordered by Mr Guy to open land for homes.

Mr Guy's spokeswoman, Bronwyn Perry, said the land had been earmarked for potential expansion since 1971 and planning controls had been placed to ensure any development protects the coast and vegetation.

"It's fantastic that Ms Cyrus recognises the beauty of Phillip Island, and the Government can assure her that it has no intention of spoiling the natural landscape of this unique area," she said.

Bass Coast Council had declared the land off-limits until Mr Guy wrote last week to inform it he was overruling the decision and would rezone the land as residential.

Bass Coast mayor Veronica Dowman welcomed the celebrity endorsement and hoped it would help convince Mr Baillieu to wind back the decision.

"Initially we were shocked and now we are just hugely, hugely let down because the Coalition promised a planning system based on genuine consultation, and promised openness and certainty at the last election," Cr Dowman said.

Opposition planning spokesman Brian Tee said that unlike Cyrus, the Coalition did not understand what Phillip Island meant to Victorians.

"I'm hoping the weight of opinion now that Hannah Montana has stepped in will persuade the Premier to have a rethink."

Taylor Lautner Cried Watching Breaking Dawn

Taylor Lautner has revealed that he became very emotional when watching Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

The hunky actor, who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the vampire flicks, has told PopSugar that Breaking Dawn is special as it shows the growth of our favourite characters.

When asked whether he cried when seeing the latest Twilight instalment for the first time, Lautner confessed: "Oh yes! Yeah, of course. It's an emotional one."

"You see the same characters we've grown to know and love in a completely different light than you've seen them before."

He continued: "I mean, it's still part of the same franchise, but I mean it's a completely different movie - and I think that's going to be exciting for fans to see."

The 19-year old, who is gearing up to the release of his new movie Abduction, added that he became upset when shooting his final scene with co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

He explained: "The big moment for me was the second-to-last day of filming, because that was my final scene with Kristen [Stewart] and Rob [Pattinson]."

"It was an emotional scene we were filming, so that really didn't help, but it was tough and it's a very weird feeling to be done filming,"

Robert Pattinson has no time to make sweet music

Robert Pattinson may be a man of many talents but he can’t do everything and right now his main focus is on his acting career – not making an album, sadly.

It’s no secret that Rob is a massive music fan and talented singer / guitarist, but his musical ambitions are on the backburner at the moment as movie roles continue to flood in and he finds time to spend with family, friends and (rumoured) girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

Recent reports suggesting the Twilight star was working on a guitar-based album have been quashed by his rep.

“The report is untrue. He is not working on an album right now,” his people told MTV News.

As his army of loyal fans disappointedly return to listening to Never Think and Let Me Sign (the tracks he recorded for the first Twilight album) on repeat, there is a glimmer of hope: the rep said “right now.”

When Robert finally gets some time out from filming, it looks like he will put his talents to good use and start working on that eagerly anticipated record.

It seems he has been practicing already as the star was recently spotted treating himself to a new electric guitar when he popped into a music store in LA.

The 25 year old heartthrob also proved he really is a nice guy by snapping up an acoustic guitar for a tramp who was playing a battered old instrument close to the shop.

Talented, handsome and generous – ah R-Pattz. No wonder we love you!

Taylor Swift Sizzles in Saab at the 5th Annual ACM Honors

Taylor Swift stopped hearts in an off-the-shoulder Elie Saab number at the 5th Annual ACM Honors at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee on September 19, 2011
Taylor Swift received the Jim Reeves International Award at the event, which is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions to the acceptance of country music throughout the world.
Past recipients of the Jim Reeves International Award include Garth Brooks, Dick Clark, Roy Clark, Merv Griffin, Charlie Nagatani, Buck Owens, Dolly Parton and Keith Urban, among others.
Swift's dress from the designer's 2012 Resort line worked its magic with a little help from a pair of Christian Louboutin open toe heels and statement jewelry.
The dress was a metallic colored frock with above-the-knee hemline which suited her slim figure and set off her blonde hair. Gold heels matched the frock perfectly while making her pins seem longer.
As for makeup, she went for black pencil, sky blue shadow, pale blush and her trademark red pout. The false lashes added drama to Taylor's striking eyes while the shadow enhanced the blue in them. Her hair was worn up, leaving the focus on her immaculately done face.
The star, who did two sellout shows last weekend, gave her fans something to smile about in her uber-short look for the awards.
Is there any reason to not like country music's sweetheart?

Emma Talks Style Secrets with Harper’s Bazaar

Fabulous at Every Age: Emma Watson, 20s

While her fellow starlets are canvassing the clubs, the Harry Potter phenom, Ivy League darling, and Lancôme spokesmodel is establishing her own brand of cool.

Residence: London
Favorite fashion designers: Valentino, Isabel Marant, Chanel, Céline, Chloé, Calvin Klein Collection, Zadig & Voltaire, Maje, Sandro, Burberry, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Agnès B., Acne, J Brand, Charlotte Olympia, A.L.C., A.P.C., Alberta Ferretti, and People Tree.
Item of clothing you would never throw out: My old school satchel. It looks better the older it gets.
How would you define your personal style? Jean Cocteau said, “Style is a very simple way of saying complicated things.”
What’s your own fashion trademark? If I get it right, a kind of drama whilst looking understated. If I get it right!
Favorite accessory: Can I say lipstick? I don’t like to accessorize too much because I want people to see me first and my clothes second.
Favorite color: White or cream.
Favorite scent: Lancôme’s Trésor Midnight Rose. (I helped create it!)
Let’s talk about your beauty routine. What’s your face wash? Luzern Laboratories
Makeup? Stila cream blush, Lancôme’s Teint Miracle, and Tarte LipSurgence pencils. Lancôme’s Hypnôse mascara is killer!
Where do you get your hair done? I get my hair cut by Rodney Cutler at Cutler in New York City.
Favorite architect: Antoni Gaudí
Favorite destination: Kenya
Favorite discovery: The blueberry-ricotta pancakes at Little Dom’s in L.A.
Favorite hotel: The Berkeley in London. It’s full of memories, and it’s so homey. I stayed there when I did the Harry Potter junkets. The spa is great, and they have the best spaghetti bolognese.
Favorite luggage: I prefer trunks because you can open them and see everything, and they act as a kind of drawer when I don’t have enough time to unpack. They also make me feel like I am going on an adventure.
Most memorable party: My first ever Paris Fashion Week (which is where I met you, Derek!).
When you can’t think of something to give a friend, what do you give? You can’t beat a great-smelling candle.
Every lady has a vice. What’s yours? Sugar. In any of its various forms.
Necessary extravagance: I have the heating on when I really shouldn’t. (I’m always cold!)
Favorite movies: Giant, Amélie and Notting Hill, and each for completely different reasons.
Favorite artist: Tracey Emin
Favorite cocktail: Gin and tonic
Handwritten thank-you note or immediate e-mail? Handwritten note.
If you have personalized stationery, where do you get it from? If I have the time, I like to make people cards. But otherwise Bubble Letters NYC and Letters Lubell. You send them a picture of something that inspires you and they custom make stationery on 100-percent-recycled paper.
The true hallmark of modern elegance is: When I figure this out, I’ll let you know!

20 Sep 2011

An erupting Volcano images taken from space.

Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle

Online gamers have achieved a feat beyond the realm of Second Life or Dungeons and Dragons: they have deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus that had thwarted scientists for a decade.

Photo by AFP
The exploit is published on Sunday in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, where -- exceptionally in scientific publishing -- both gamers and researchers are honoured as co-authors.
Their target was a monomeric protease enzyme, a cutting agent in the complex molecular tailoring of retroviruses, a family that includes HIV.
Figuring out the structure of proteins is vital for understanding the causes of many diseases and developing drugs to block them.
But a microscope gives only a flat image of what to the outsider looks like a plate of one-dimensional scrunched-up spaghetti. Pharmacologists, though, need a 3-D picture that "unfolds" the molecule and rotates it in order to reveal potential targets for drugs.
This is where Foldit comes in.
Developed in 2008 by the University of Washington, it is a fun-for-purpose video game in which gamers, divided into competing groups, compete to unfold chains of amino acids -- the building blocks of proteins -- using a set of online tools.
To the astonishment of the scientists, the gamers produced an accurate model of the enzyme in just three weeks.
Cracking the enzyme "provides new insights for the design of antiretroviral drugs," says the study, referring to the lifeline medication against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
It is believed to be the first time that gamers have resolved a long-standing scientific problem.
"We wanted to see if human intuition could succeed where automated methods had failed," Firas Khatib of the university's biochemistry lab said in a press release. "The ingenuity of game players is a formidable force that, if properly directed, can be used to solve a wide range of scientific problems."
One of Foldit's creators, Seth Cooper, explained why gamers had succeeded where computers had failed.
"People have spatial reasoning skills, something computers are not yet good at," he said.
"Games provide a framework for bringing together the strengths of computers and humans. The results in this week's paper show that gaming, science and computation can be combined to make advances that were not possible before."

Kelis, Kristen Stewart, and Eliza Doolittle at the Mulberry party!

'I've just seen somebody exit the building with at least fifteen animals attached to them,' laughed Henry Holland at the Mulberry party last night. He was of course talking about the menagerie of balloon animals - zebras, tigers and giraffes - that festooned the walls of Claridges ballroom for last night's party.  

With a retro British seaside theme (a leitmotif that seems to be running through a few events this fashion week). guests at the party - always one of the hottest tickets at lfw - were treated to mulberry swirl ice creams from a van, peach margarita slushies served by men in shorts and pastel aprons, and a series of seaside games to keep them amused.

We spotted Amber le Bon and Ben Grimes having a decent go of the grabber machine to try and win a Mulberry teddy, some of which were even wearing Mulberry jewellery. There was a long queue for the photo booth and we got ours taken with the gorgeous actress Hayley Atwell. 'I look ridiculous!' she chuckled at the seaside tableau of muscle men and women, with our faces popping out. Strangely though, she didn't look half as ridiculous as the rest of us.

No Mulberry party is complete without a rousing performance from a trendy band and this was no different, with The Hurts managing to pack out the dancefloor for their set. Absent from the dance floor however was one Miss Kristen Stewart who chose the safety of a back room to hang out with Kelis and probably have her fill of a few fish and chips while there.

We bumped into Eliza Doolittle - showing off an unbelievable figure in a tiny body con dress - as she made her way out the door holding an inflatable animal aloft. 'The thing I love about Mulberry is it's all about fun,' she said, 'they make incredible accessories that you know are going to last for years, but you also know you're going to have a lot of fun with them.'


For a bit of local flavor at some of her Speak Now tour dates, Taylor Swift has been covering songs from popular artists hailing from a handful of metropolitan areas: Bon Jovi in New Jersey and Eminem in Detroit, among others. Swift did Nashville on Friday, but rather than invite or cover a popular country star, she brought on Hayley Williams of Paramore for a duet of “That’s What You Get.”

About bringing other artists on stage, the “You Belong to Me” singer told the Tennessean in an interview: “Bringing up special guests is something that I really like doing for the fans, because I want them to get so much out of deciding to spend their night at my show. I want them to leave going, 'Wow, we really made the [right] choice by spending our Saturday night there.' It means a lot to me that people make plans to go and see my show. It's such a big commitment to go and buy tickets and go through the hassle of waiting in traffic, finding parking, waiting in lines, waiting in more lines and buying t-shirts. The fact that thousands of people are willing to make that commitment, it really resonates with me. I want them to get as much out of the show as they possibly can, so if I have artists that I'm a fan of and they happen to be friends, or even if I don't know them, I'll reach out to them and ask if they're in town, and see if they want to come out and sing for my crowd. It's so much fun, both for my crowd and for me, to have people come out and surprise the audience.”

Recently, Hayley Williams also admitted that Paramore has started recording new material: "We're stoked everyone has been loving the videos from our short run on the Warped tour this summer. We noticed a lot of you asking about the intro music and where it was from and we are happy to tell you it's a new song entitled ‘Renegade’! […] Back in March, we recorded a handful of songs (including ‘Monster’) with Rob Cavallo which we promised we'd get to you this year. Renegade is the first song of the three that are left to be released."

If you didn’t have a chance to catch the Nashville date of the Speak Now tour, watch Swift and Williams’ duet below:

Kim Hyun Joong Arrival at Gimpo Airport from Japan

Emma Watson prefers natural look

London: `Harry Potter` beauty Emma Watson says she prefers the natural look and and hates piling on cosmetics.

The 21-year-old actress feels biggest beauty faux-pas is wearing too much make-up as she thinks beauty comes from within, a website reported.

"The funny thing about me is that I do have a lot of products - I`ve always loved make-up and its ability to transform you. But I don`t actually wear a lot of it, so there is an irony that I own so much of it but wear so little. But I do love beauty products.

"But wearing too much make-up has been my biggest beauty faux-pas. I truly, truly believe that beauty is something that comes from within. You can only really look beautiful if you feel beautiful on the inside. It shows through your face, the way you move and the way you hold yourself," she said. 

Avril Lavigne 'Cried for Real' in Raw 'Wish You Were Here' Video

Avril lavigne  known around the globe for her musical chops and unapologetic bravado. But the Canadian songstress in recent years has expanded her resume by tapping into fashion with her own clothing lifestyle brand, a fragrance line (Wild Rose) and a foundation to help youth with disabilities and illnesses.

In an interview with Billboard.com, the multifaceted entertainer dished about her career, touring and how music has inspired her to branch out beyond the recording studio.

The superstar's fourth studio album, "Goodbye Lullaby," was released in March and continues to resonate with fans with songs such as "What The Hell" and "Smile." The most current single, "Wish You Were Here," showcases Lavigne's more vulnerable side.

"It's a song written about missing someone and looking back and remembering all the good times and all those awesome moments," Lavigne says. The song is "stripped down. It's kind of raw, but also emotional. I cry in the video and that was something that I did on purpose, but it was something that was real."

Lavigne, who made a cameo on Rihanna's music video "Cheers" earlier this year, next takes her Black Star Tour to her native country for 16 dates throughout October.

"I'm having the most fun I've ever had," says Lavigne about the upcoming leg of her tour. "Every night you have a different crowd. Some are more rowdy than others and you want to get their energy up and get them to have a good time."

When she isn't touring she spends her time supporting The Avril Lavigne Foundation through a partnership with Easter Seals to fund programs for children with disabilities. Her time is also spent creating everything from T-shirts to accessories for her clothing line Abbey Dawn which, she says, is always tied to the music she writes about.

"As I got older I really started appreciating fashion more because it's really a big part of what I do with my music career," Lavigne says. "I'm pretty much designing for myself and it's a rock 'n roll brand. It's another way for me to create."

Watch Avril's "Wish You Were Here" Video:

19 Sep 2011

Kristen Stewart: My style is messy

Kristen Stewart's says her style is "all over the place."

The American actress was present at yesterday's Mulberry show at London Fashion Week, and sat in the front row poised next to British fashion royalty Kate Moss.

Kristen was impressed with what she saw on the catwalk, but says her own fashion choices sometimes leave a little to be desired.

"All over the place right now," she told vogue.co.uk, when asked to describe her personal style.

"I have different versions of myself and a standard uniform - I wear jeans. It's cool to have another side of things. I have phases."

Kristen admitted Fashion Week isn't usually her scene. However, the 21-year-old insisted she is interested in style and its importance in the celebrity world.

"Actors and actresses have a hand in both worlds [acting and fashion]. You have to stay involved in it to be interested," she explained.

Kristen likes her simple style. The star takes great pleasure in choosing her own garb, rather than leaving it down to a stylist all the time.

"I love what I wear, I mean I love choosing what I wear," she said.

Kristen is enjoying her time in London at the moment. The brunette beauty loves admiring the eclectic fashion in the British capital and appreciates her anonymity.

"The people are really great. I like walking around here, I don't really get bothered by anyone," she said.

Robert pattinson dissed twilight

ROBERT Pattinson dissed Twilight before he began work on the famous film franchise.

Natalia Tena, who plays a prostitute alongside Pattinson in forthcoming film Bel Ami, says the actor didn’t think much of the series on which he’s made his name.

“We had this summer of being really close. I remember Robert taking me out a few months later. He was like, ‘I’m just saying goodbye because I’m going to America for a few months to do some vampire thing,” she said.

Meanwhile, sources say Rob wants to destroy his heartthrob reputation.

“Robert is excited about moving on to other more diverse roles after <em>Twilight</em> and playing a villain is very appealing to him,” dished one insider.

“One character he is fascinated with would see him playing a serial killer while there are others for villainous characters in major Hollywood blockbusters as well as an indy movie. Robert wants to show he has range to his acting and doesn’t want to be typecast as the hero or heartthrob.”

Taylor Swift Brings Chesney, McGraw, Dunn to Nashville Shows

Taylor Swift invited Kenny Chesney, Ronnie Dunn, Tim McGraw and Paramore's Hayley Williams to sing with her at back-to-back, sold-out concerts at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville this weekend. 

On Friday (Sept. 16), Swift and Williams performed "That's What You Get," while Dunn and Swift later sang "Bleed Red" together. The following night, Chesney and Swift chose "Big Star" for a duet, and McGraw joined her on "Just to See You Smile." Soulful pop singer Andy Grammer, who is one of Swift's favorite artists, also appeared to sing his song, "Keep Your Head Up."

Keeping with the tradition of past dates, Swift also wrote lyrics that she admires on her arm. On Friday night she featured Lee Brice's "Love Like Crazy," and quoted Martina McBride's "This One's for the Girls" on Saturday night.

Swift hosted a VIP reception prior to each show, where she was presented with a plaque celebrating 5 million copies of her current album, Speak Now. On Saturday, tickets sales for the Speak Now world tour officially surpassed the 1 million mark. 

The tour concludes on Nov. 22 with a two-night engagement in New York City. In early 2012, she'll relaunch the tour with dates in Australia and New Zealand. After the tour, she expects to start "overdrive recording and obsessing" for her next album, she told The Tennessean.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's Mom Wear Same Dress

Selena Gomez has been photographed wearing a dress that Justin Bieber's mom also wore (but at least Justin wasn't spotted wearing his mom's jeans).
Poor Justin recently caused quite a media sensation by admitting that he wears women's jeans because they fit him so well, so he's got to be relieved that his girlfriend is the one being targeted by the fashion police this time.
Selena committed the copycat crime at the Georgia Hall Of Fame Awards, where she sported an adorable little black dress covered with lace detail. The sleeveless cocktail dress was rather conservative up top with a turtleneck, but it also showed off plenty of leg. Selena Gomez probably chose the dress because it was the perfect combination of sexy and sweet, but it's also the perfect dress for a slightly older woman like Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber's mom), who probably liked the dress because of its slimming black color and because it doesn't show too much skin.
According to The Hot Hits (which features a "who wore it better?" photo), Pattie wore the dress to the LA premiere of Never Say Never, long before Selena Gomez rocked it on the red carpet. So are Justin Bieber's mom and Selena Gomez already close enough that they're starting to share clothes? This kind of seems like every boyfriend's worst nightmare, because most guys do not want their girlfriend to morph into their mom (even one like Pattie Mallette who obviously did a lot to help Justin get to where he is today).
Of course it would be rather crazy if Justin's mom is sharing clothes with Selena, but it's almost even crazier that the super-rich pop princess somehow managed to choose a dress that her boyfriend's mom has been photographed in. After all, Selena's star status means that she has an unlimited number of red carpet options to choose from. However, it is possible that she and Justin Bieber's mom have the same stylist (although said stylist would have made quite a big mistake by dressing them alike).

Nina Dobrev's Red Dress Highly Praised at Emmy Awards, Ian proposing Nina

Bulgarian-born Hollywood star Nina Dobrev looked stunning in her spectacular red dress on Sunday's 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards red carpet, international media have remarked.
The FABlife has placed Dobrev second in its list of the glamorous ceremony's best dressed celebrities. "The Vampire DiariesNina Dobrev was a close runner-up in a dramatic, hourglass supreme Donna Karan," The FABlife has commented, giving the crown to red carpet rookie Aubrey Plaza.
The Washington Post has also included Dobrev in its "among the best dressed" list for the Emmy Awards.
"Nina Dobrev graced the Emmy red carpet, looking red hot in a body-hugging, fiery-hued gown," MTV says.
Rumors have it that Dobrev and her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder, who recently officially confirmed they are dating in real life, too, may be ready to take the final step and tie the knot, according to reports.
Somerhalder, 32, is expected to propose to his 22-year-old girlfriend of more than a year at the end of the month, US tabloids claim.
Dobrev, who was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and moved to Canada at the age of two, is said to be eagerly expecting her boyfriend to pop up the question and will be more than happy to accept his proposal.
The couple already talks openly about their relationship.