19 Sep 2011

Robert pattinson dissed twilight

ROBERT Pattinson dissed Twilight before he began work on the famous film franchise.

Natalia Tena, who plays a prostitute alongside Pattinson in forthcoming film Bel Ami, says the actor didn’t think much of the series on which he’s made his name.

“We had this summer of being really close. I remember Robert taking me out a few months later. He was like, ‘I’m just saying goodbye because I’m going to America for a few months to do some vampire thing,” she said.

Meanwhile, sources say Rob wants to destroy his heartthrob reputation.

“Robert is excited about moving on to other more diverse roles after <em>Twilight</em> and playing a villain is very appealing to him,” dished one insider.

“One character he is fascinated with would see him playing a serial killer while there are others for villainous characters in major Hollywood blockbusters as well as an indy movie. Robert wants to show he has range to his acting and doesn’t want to be typecast as the hero or heartthrob.”

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