30 Dec 2012

Kodomo no omocha Anime review

English: Child's Toy
Synonyms: Kodocha
Type: TV
Episodes: 102
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 1996 to Mar 27, 1998
Producers: TV Tokyo, Studio Gallop, FUNimation EntertainmentL, NAS, Pony Canyon
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Duration: 22 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

So ya XD I think Kodocha is spectacular. It's amazing and just blows me away. It's one of those animes that make me go crazy that I'm smashing my computer with a big smile on my face because it's SUCH a good anime I can't handle it and go insane. What else can I say? I first stumbled onto this anime I just thought it was annoying, kiddy, and pointless. But I decided to take the time to stap myself to the couch and watch the anime from the top, and I am SO glad that I did. But I happened to read Manga too and Manga is more awesome than Anime. I mean they dragged the manga into 102 episodes in anime bye introducing many subplots and new characters which are never been in manga.

Sana Kurata has a charmed life. Not only is her mother is a famous, award-winning writer, but she's the star of the hit TV comedy "Child's Toy" while still in the fifth grade. But Sana's biggest concern is Akito Hayama, a pint-sized hellion who's organized the boys in their grade-school class into a mass of unending noise and violence. With the help of Rei, her manager, chauffeur and "pimp," Sana is determined to win back control of the classroom from her new arch-enemy. But as her crusade continues, Sana moves further into Akito's life, and finds that he might not be entirely bad...or entirely safe. 

The story was interesting enough to create an addict out of me. There are a lot of interesting plot points. I suppose there is no singular plot, but there are little "plotlets" that somehow connect in a weird way. In other words, when one problem is resolved, another one forms. It may seem like another cutesy shojo anime, but there are a lot of serious moments as well. 
Although the length allows for some amazing development of Sana et-al, I can’t help but feel the show would have been better suited to a 26 episode affair, rather than the epic 102 marathon with many Hayama-less sections. A little perseverance through the stodge, and the viewer is treated to a family friendly romp that will appeal to a wide range of ages.

Komocha, as an older series, does not treat the viewer to stunning visuals and gorgeous landscapes. Unfortunately, this will be the turn-off for many of those “anime connoisseurs” who only watch animation from this century: there is no HD and the characters are quite frankly fugly, especially in the latter half of the series. Simplistic lines and muted colouring techniques go hand in hand with saucer-sized eyes that dominate 50% of someone’s face. It’s not terrible by any means, and Sana’s wardrobe changes are frankly adorable. However, the lack of fluidity and repeated use of ascii-style facial reactions prevent me from awarding a higher score.

Easily the strongest part of the show, the characters and their delicate interactions are frankly touching, especially that between Hayama and Sana. Their inability to communicate heartfelt feelings is both frustrating and adorable, even more so when new love interests are introduced and the two praised apart. The supporting cast don’t play a particularly large part in Kodomo no Omocha, but there are a significant number of memorable personalities, such as Sana’s pimp Rei (yes, pimp), or the insecure Tsuyoshi who plays the trumpet whenever he feels down.

Sana Kurata is a perfect example. She is, in fact, pretty annoying because of how dense she is, but in a way, you can actually accept that o_o; And the main reason for the acceptance of Sana is cuz she's just freakin hilarious. She just is. But her age set is perfect because when it comes to stuff like, the way she believes in loving someone with almost a 10 year age difference, you can see all the flaws but still understand why Sana believes she's in love. If she was in high school, you'd think that it's plain dumb for a teen to be in love with some 30 year old. Sana can get away with a lot of stuff due to her age. Hopefully I'm making sense here o__o;;

The character I am MOST impressed by is Akito Hayama. He's so well done and developed so perfectly, it almost scares me how the author can come up with such a character o_o 
See... Akito is one of those quiet, reserved characters and so damn mature for his age. I like how he's laid back but it doesn't annoy me. Because I usually think those kind of characters are cliche and annoying because they're EVERYWHERE, but there's something about Akito that doesn't make him so cliche. He's a wreckless trouble maker, but from most trouble makers, you'd expect them to be loud and obnoxious, but Akito isn't. I think that's the thing that makes him unique, really cool  o__o; With his personality, you can do a hell lot with him which makes him one of the best, flexiable characters you can think of in a story. I especially love his development throughout the anime. It's amazing how much an impact Sana put into his life. The way the author shows Akito's family life, how you can tell he's going to fall for Sana but when it happens you're ACTUALLY surprised by it XD It's just perfect. 

Every single one of the Omocha opening tracks initially saw me pulling a face in disgust as the overly sweet tones permeated my brain. However, a view of the entire cast dancing in formation Broadway-stylee made something originally so wrong suddenly seem oh so right. The seiyuu for Sana is absolutely perfect, expressing both her hyperactivity and vulnerability without being excessively annoying. Her singing and rapping is absolutely hilarious, and totally out of place most of the time, adding to the overall crazy feel of the show.

I obviously enjoy this anime. Don't need to make a big paragraph on that XD I HIGHLY recommend this to girls. Guys, I'm not so sure o_o; But I guarantee you, you'll like this anime. This anime has the PERFECT amount of drama. It's not too serious and deep, BUT it's not dumb and cliche what-so-ever. In fact, it's extremely very well thought out. This kind of amount is perfect for me. So... watch Kodocha XD

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Black bird Manga review

English: Black Bird
Warning: Recommended readers are 16+ as the series contains profanity, racy scenes etc
Type: Manga
Volumes: 19
Chapters: 72
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 13, 2006 to Dec 13, 2012
Genres: Action, Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Authors: Sakurakouji, Kanoko (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsucomi

Black Bird is a manga that on first sight is exciting and holds a lot of potential. Though Personally, I didn't enjoy this manga too much... yet I continued to read it.
The storyline is as original it's going to get for a common shoujo/supernatural manga

Black Bird (Kanoko Sakurakoji) centers on the ‘be cruel to be kind’ relationship between Tengu demon Kyo and teenager Misao who has a knack for seeing, and is a magnet for, monsters. Despite the age and mortality differences, the pair are deeply in love but there is a deeper twist to this unorthodox relationship; Misao’s blood has the power to completely empower or destory a demon. In other words, the plot follows Kyo as he’s torn between fighting off monsters wanting Misao’s intoxicating blood and resisting the urge to ravage her himself.

The main thing this manga gets right is indulging its readers in the forbidden love aspect. Kyo is portrayed as a perverted, occasionally romantic, demon but with a very human protective side. He is shown through Misao’s eyes who is enchanted by the Tengu world but yearns for her innocent schoolgirl days. Whilst one scene shows the two arguing over their enormous differences, the next will show them in a passionate embrace.

But in all honesty, neither the plot nor the character development is especially bad. Actually, they are a cut above average. The plot, as least as far as the first volume is concerned, is well paced and entertaining, and the characters are endearing in the best tradition of pulp fiction. Kyo, we learn, has admirable self-restraint, and his unwavering devotion to Misao comes flapping straight out of a teenage girl's wish fulfillment fantasy. By the end of the first volume, she even has a (supposedly, since this manga is in black and white) silver-haired kitsune who is competing with Kyo for her affections, and he seems like he could be an interesting character as well. There is even a good bit of humor in the form of Kyo's child servant—and of course the fact that Kyo is also masquerading, again in great pulpy manga tradition, as Misao's homeroom teacher.

The artwork is about average for shoujo manga of this sort. The cover illustration for the first volume is truth in advertising and should give you a good idea of what to expect from the interior pages. Sakurakoji draws female characters a bit like josei mangaka, but her bishounen are all shoujo manga all the time. Too bad that they tend to look cross-eyed from some angles—it is definitely not a flattering look for a demon specializing in seduction. 

All in all, this is not a bad series and does very well what it was intended to do. It should appeal to the Vampire Knight crowd, particularly to those tween readers who are looking to age up into something just a touch more racy.

28 Dec 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Anime review

English: My Little Monster
Synonyms: Tonari no Kaibutsukun, The Monster Next Door, My Neighbor Monster-kun
Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2012 to Dec 25, 2012
Producers: TV Tokyo, Aniplex, Brains Base, NAS, Kodansha
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun- This is what happens when a school delinquent thinks he is friends with a hard working student. We get a whole lot of comedy and romance out of it.
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, to be blunt, is an amazing love story.The two main characters, Shizuku and Haru, make up a hilarious dynamic duo. They are both socially awkward, combined with the fact that they have no earthly idea of how a relationship works. This is actually a big positive, simply because the story avoids all the generics in your typical relationship cycle. Skip the “fated encounter”, the “commonalities”, the “date”, the “predicament”, the “make up”, and the “confession”. Haru and Shizuku are simply oblivious to the norm, which allows them to clearly speak their minds. Imagine blurting out everything you think and how ridiculously entertaining that would be. This is one of the primary reasons why the characters in Tonari are so lovable and funny.

The storyline for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun seems like your typical run of the mill girl meets boy and falls in love scenario. However, the thing is the creators put an interesting twist in that the one of main characters, Haru, thinks he is now friends with the other main character, Shizuku, because she gave him his lessons since he was absent from class. Both characters are worlds apart in terms of personality, and both tend to cause trouble for each other. As each episode progresses we see that instead of Shizuku falling for Haru in an instant, they both have a juggling affair with how they actually feel about one another. Some moments they can’t stand each other, and some moments they don’t want to be apart. It is actually a great change of pace from the norm. The storyline also makes use of many comical occasions that push it along. Another thing is that the storyline doesn’t take place at school all the time like many other romance/comedy school dramas, so we as the viewer aren’t bombarded with the overuse of school drama clichés.

Characters are one of the highpoints in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Shizuku is a girl who only cares about her grades and pretty much nothing else. Her character personality has a somewhat reluctant nature. It can be seen as straightforward and mean sometimes. Haru is the kind of guy who seems like a brutish delinquent. He is kind of anti-social, selfish and has a somewhat dirty mind. But there’s a lot more to him than that. These kinds of main characters have been done before but Tonari just does them so well. Tonari makes each character feel like they have an original quality to them. Each of the two main characters has great development, and has their moments in each episode. I like the comedy that each one produces especially during the awkward conversations. Shizuku and Haru still are able to regain their composures to produce some serious dialogues at many points.

However, some of the supporting characters seem to be forgotten in the plot. Many of them are likeable (like Asako, Chizuru to name a couple) but the thing is most of them don’t develop, or barely develop, which in my opinion is disappointing because a lot of them are as interesting as the two main characters. At least all characters provide a great amount of humor, and even though they aren’t being brought out to their fullest, the supporting characters don’t detract from the main storyline.

With the art and animation  aspect of the show is done exceptionally well. Character models are nice to look at because of how highly detailed they are. Backgrounds are also giving this treatment too. One thing that I liked about this anime in particular is the attention giving to color. The colors are done so that everything has a certain natural look to it. This art style has a great amount of color in just the right amounts, which means that the color saturation is varied and looks great. The animation is solid as well. I didn’t notice any weird instances of jerkiness or anything like that. In short Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun is a great looking anime

Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun has a good soundtrack. It’s not the best but it gets the job done. The OSTs used have mostly a playful theme. Some of them have a suspenseful or gloomy tone depending on what is going on in the scene. The opening and the ending both have a nice upbeat and playful undertone just like most of the OSTs. I thought both suited the overall nature of the anime nicely. Both were pretty catchy as well. The voice actors portray their characters with extreme ease so that they don’t feel out of place. Overall the music and VAs used offers a refreshing mood to those who are watching.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is enjoyable to people who want a great laugh. For me Tonari has a good amount of jokes that where not all one type as seen in many other anime of this genre. The only thing left to say is that it’s a good way to spend 30 minutes, and if you’re feeling down this anime is bound to cheer you up. 
This anime is one of the best hits this season. The storyline is great, the artwork and animation is awesome, and the characters are funny to watch. It offers an amazing overall experience, and most people who watch want be disappointed.

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Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder arrive at china for new year photos

Robert Pattinson's sister not happy with Kristen Stewart

"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson's sister Lizzy is reportedly not pleased with his decision of getting back with Kristen Stewart.

Pattinson, 26, reconciled with Stewart after she apologised to him following her cheating scandal with married director Rupert Sanders, reported Sun Online.

"The rows kicked off on Christmas eve when protective Lizzy had some words with Robert about getting back with a cheat.

"They were out drinking in Barnes, where Rob grew up. Lizzy was giving him grief about taking Kristen back and said she's always hated the way he's been treated by her," a source said.

Stewart, 22, decided not to accompany Pattinson for his family get-together as she is scared of them.

"He and Kristen spent the festive season apart partly because she's terrified of facing Rob's family," the source said.

(Translation) Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중 Interview at CHOA MAGAZINE Vol.19 by Lafone

Japan First Solo Album "UNLIMITED" Release Event :

Kim Hyun Joong (26) had a premium event in Tokyo in commemoration of the release of his first solo album in Japan, " UNLIMITED ". Though he did not sing, but music videos of "Your Story" and "Save Today" were presented. He had an interesting talk with his guests, a self-appointed cheer leader, KABA-chan as well as Kazuko Kurosawa (female comedian).

After eleven months since his Japan debut on January 25, 2012, the first album" Unlimited " has eventually been released. Every song including the new three songs as well as Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy and Oricon No.1 single " Heat " produced by B'z were sang in Japanese. Kim Hyun Joong talked showed his passion for the albumduring the talk of the event.

1/ Music video of " Your Story " has been released.

HJ: This is the second song I sing with band style following " Heat ". I have been enhansening this song for a long time so that I can sing it in an album someday. I have some more songs which I will sing as a band music. I would like to produce these songs in future.

2/ Where the shooting took place ? ( about "Save Today ")

HJ: It took place in the set in Korea. The idea of the concept is that we go back to the past. So I moved with the double speed of the other people, while they were walking very slowly. I would like to show it if the making video is available now. It was very hard for me to sing a song very rapidly while the music being reproduced fourfold ( He tries to show how rapid he sang )

3/ The concept of the title?

HJ: It means " Unlimited potential in growing " I would like to continue to grow. That is why I choose this title.

4/ How do you review this year ?

HJ : Stretching myself out at home, I asked myself " What did I do this year ? "(the audience burst into laughter ) I would like to spend much busier days the next year.

5/ The concept of the album ?

HJ : I put my feeling " Please do not let me go which means I do not want to lose you ". I do not want to lose this moment when you give a big love to me.

6/ What is your plan the next year?

HJ : I am going to start 2013 with Japan nation-wide tour. I also plan to release a full album in Korea. I will also show you Kim Hyun Joong as actor in the drama. I have another plan to start World tour at the end of the year. I will also release a single album in Japan. So it will be a very busy year for me. I hope that you will
give me your support which will give me power when I feel tired.

Niall Horan: Would He Really Date Selena Gomez if She Was Single?

Can we expect to see One Direction's Niall Horan and Selena Gomez together any time soon? Probably not!

During her recent breakup drama with Justin Bieber, Selena was rumored to be eying up the 1D cutie after her BFF, Taylor Swift, started dating his band mate Harry Styles.

Many thought it could be true...Niall does resemble Bieber a little! But according to Hollywoodlife.com, Niall wouldn't even give Selena a chance if she wanted one.

A close source told the website SugarScape.com that, "Niall and Selena are friendly with each other, but they don't want to date each other. They're not attracted to each other. And if they were attracted to each other (but they're not), Niall wouldn't want to hurt his friendship with Justin by dating Selena. Niall still has a crush on Demi Lovato, who's been Selena's friend for a long time. He wouldn't ruin his chances with Demi by dating Selena."

Aww, that's cool he wouldn't want to hurt The Biebs and really likes Demi! But let's be real, you know they're attracted to each other! How couldn't they be? Look at them!

After pics surfaced of Selena and Justin snuggling over the holidays, we're pretty sure she's not looking in Niall's direction right now anyway.

Taylor Swift trespasser escapes criminal charges

Criminal trespassing charges has be dropped against Jacob Kulke, who was arrested on the Nashville property of country star Taylor Swift earlier this month.

Prosecutors decided not to pursue criminal charges, with 24-year-old Kulke's attorney maintaining that one of the reasons for the dropped charges was the absence of "No Trespassing" signs placed around the property's perimeter, reported TMZ online.

He argued that this led Kulke to believe he could enter. Another reason for this is that Swift's family reportedly did not want to move forward with the case.

However, prosecutors still could reopen the case if new evidence or information is found in the 12 months to come.

Although the trespassing incident has been resolved out of court, Kulke remains in jail as he's facing extradition to Colorado for probation violations including robbery back in his home state. He is scheduled to appear in court on January 29.

Kulke was taken into police custody earlier this month for trying to climb over the fence of Swift's Nashville house. He told cops he is her boyfriend and had taken a bus from Wisconsin to be with her on her 23rd birthday.

The 'Love Story' hitmaker was miles away with her real boyfriend, Harry Styles, in UK back then.

Is Miley Cyrus' married to Liam Hemsworth?

Speculation is mounting that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who got engaged last summer, tied the knot in recent days after they posted festive photographs of themselves on Instagram in which they are both wearing what appear to be wedding bands.

According to gossip website TMZ.com, the 22-year-old The Hunger Games star is seen posing in the picture with a ring on his left ring finger that “looks suspiciously like a wedding band”.

Miley, 20, later posted a photo in which she also appears to be wearing two gold rings on her left ring finger, one of which is believed to be her engagement ring.

The couple have yet to comment, but no announcement has ever been made about a wedding date.

Earlier this year, the Can't Be Tamed singer claimed she was in no rush to wed as she already felt married and didn't feel any urgency about walking down the aisle.

She said, “I already feel married. I know we are forever. I don't need the paper right now. I don't know when we will get married yet. We are still enjoying being engaged. I've got so much planning to do with the tours and getting my record out. First I have my movie, then my record; then I'll do my wedding planning.”

The couple is believed to have spent Christmas with Miley's family in the US, but is also reportedly set to visit Liam's family in his native Australia over the holidays.

Photos of Emma watson in Elle Belgique, Femina and Lancôme Blanc Expert

The one Manga review

Warning: Recommended for adults as it contains bisexuality, profanity etc..
Type: Manhua
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Jan 1, 2005 to ?
Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Psychological
Authors: Lee, Nicky (Story & Art)
Serialization: Star Girls Comic

The story in "The One" is neither boring nor slow-paced, which makes it very interesting and stimulating to the reader; although the underline theme is "life in the fashion world", it does not fall in the cliché category. This manga turned out to be a surprise for me, I never expected to be this devoted. 
Although it's not finished yet, it's interesting to re-read the story because there's always a little detail that you miss, or simply because there's such a fast development that it will seem that everything happened "a long time ago...".

Cane Lele was born into the fashion industry. Her mother, Ye Feii, was Taiwan's top model, and her father was also a model, until a tragic airplane crash left Lele without parents.

Therefore it is no surprise that Lele hates the industry, thinking it superficial and unnecessary. Raised by her paternal grandmother, Lele reaches seventeen before she is sucked in by her mother's sister, Ye Feihung, a fashion agent (and former model) who "convinces" the reluctant Lele to pose. Lele is adverse to the whole idea, until she sees a photo shoot of popular American model Angus Lanson, and she begins to see modeling as an art form.

When Aunt Feihung's magazine editor invites Angus Lanson to a meeting of all the top fashion ambassadors, Lele is invited along and is curious to meet Angus. She does not know that Angus' twin elder brother, Eros Lanson, is secretly accompanying his brother. This obviously leads to confusion and is the start of a charming story of Lele's goals: Fashion in New York city, becoming a top model, and love? 

I adore the story and art. Miss Cane is the most amazing character I've ever had the pleasure of reading about. There are many bishie characters that most will enjoy. I recomend this incredible story to everyone unless you can't get over (very very slight) bisexual situations or implied relationships.
The humor in this manga is one of the best aspects. Lele's stupid clumsiness, Angus's brother-complex, the love hate relationships between Feihung and her "boytoy!" The list goes on and on. You'll laugh, cry and get angry throughout the whole story. That's the sign of a great manga. 

Cane Lele is probably just like most other manga heroines. She's ditsy, clueless, hates something (in this case the fashion industry), denies that she loves someone (coughcoughyouknow!cough), etc, etc. But even with all the regular cliches, there are some quite enjoy parts to her character. You do end up sympathizing with her and you'll definitely laugh at her remarks and responses. This is simply because most girls (and not being sexist here, guys can read shoujo manga too but the MAJORITY is girls) will react in the same way as her. She's just one of the characters that you'll met along the way and like Lele, you'll also laugh and sympathize or maybe even hate the other characters as well.  And coming to Eros.. He is just awesome. You always wait for his and lele's part in the story.

Right, at first glance the art kind of turned me off. Maybe its because I don't enjoy the type of eyes and body that the mangaka uses but once you get into the story, it's much easier to ignore and/or grow to like it. I gave this a 10 even though I initially didn't like the art is because when the fashion industry part came in, the art turned absolutely SPLENDID! It's beautiful really and definitely worth a 10. 

It's great but for something to be OUTSTANDING there has to be more. Right now, I've only read 90 (because it's not been finished translated yet) so I can't say for sure how the story goes after. But as far as it has gone is long and yes its absolutely worth reading.

23 Dec 2012

Hana to akuma Manga review

Synonyms: Flower With Devil
Type: Manga
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 58
Status: Finished
Published: Oct 20, 2007 to Nov 20, 2010
Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Authors: Oto, Hisamu (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume

You might say I'm crazy for giving this series a perfect score, a ten, but trust me when I say this series deserves even more.There are a variety of reasons why I love this manga. I just love the characters and the writing. It’s amusing and sad in equal parts, and the changes in mood aren’t jarring at all. The plot, while not an uncommon premise, works well, and I like the direction Oto-sensei took with Hana to Akuma quite a bit.

14 Years ago Vivi, the demon, decided to leave the demon realm and come to the human world. There he found an abandoned baby and on a whim decided to keep it. Since then he lives together with Hana...but having a 14 year-old girl around you, is it really that simple?

Vivi does, at first, seem like a typical aloof shoujo hero. And he is, to a certain extent. Despite this, Vivi comes across to me as someone who isn’t very socially adept, which is something that isn’t so uncommon in the real world. But what I love is at the end of the manga, he still retains that same personality, but it doesn’t feel forced at all – it just seems completely natural. Yes, Hana’s presence in his life did change him as a person, but it didn’t change the core of his personality. Also, his aloofness combined with shows of kindness and compassion do seem genuine to me, rather than just an attempt by the author to make the hero seem likeable.

I really like Hana a lot. Hana’s childishness works because she is exactly that – a child. There are other shoujo heroines that act in a similar manner while being in high school, but because of Hana’s age, her mannerisms don’t seem forced at all. Also, I really like the emotional maturity she develops in the second half of the manga, and I cried genuinely in the last ten chapters during those plot developments. By the way, Hana as a child is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen (=^_^=). I can’t believe Vivi makes angry faces at her when she smiles – it’s unfathomable!

The first couple chapters of Hana to Akuma are sweet and short one-shot like chapters that start to give you a taste of the relationship between Vivi and Hana. As the series moves on their relationship deepens and I know you will begin to understand why this series deserves a ten.

On another note, the ending of this manga deserves its own mention.

I. LOVED. THE ENDING. SO VERY MUCH. It was great. It tied up all of the knots. And after reading it three separate times, I still cry a little when I see that last panel. I really don’t want to give it away, so all I will say is that it is something, if you are a shoujo fan, THAT YOU NEED TO READ.

The art is really good. There are times where I think it sometimes lacks polish, but overall the quality is really good. The clothing as drawn by Oto-sensei is excellent and pretty, combining western and Japanese styles of clothing seamlessly. 

Hana to Akuma is full of sweet moments between the Viva and Hana, as well as very funny and witty comments exchanged from Vivi and his fellow demon friend Felton. True shoujo fans will not be disappointed by Hana to Akuma at all, and I believe those who just like a little bit of romance every know and then will find this to be worth their time.