23 Dec 2012

Hana to akuma Manga review

Synonyms: Flower With Devil
Type: Manga
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 58
Status: Finished
Published: Oct 20, 2007 to Nov 20, 2010
Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Authors: Oto, Hisamu (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume

You might say I'm crazy for giving this series a perfect score, a ten, but trust me when I say this series deserves even more.There are a variety of reasons why I love this manga. I just love the characters and the writing. It’s amusing and sad in equal parts, and the changes in mood aren’t jarring at all. The plot, while not an uncommon premise, works well, and I like the direction Oto-sensei took with Hana to Akuma quite a bit.

14 Years ago Vivi, the demon, decided to leave the demon realm and come to the human world. There he found an abandoned baby and on a whim decided to keep it. Since then he lives together with Hana...but having a 14 year-old girl around you, is it really that simple?

Vivi does, at first, seem like a typical aloof shoujo hero. And he is, to a certain extent. Despite this, Vivi comes across to me as someone who isn’t very socially adept, which is something that isn’t so uncommon in the real world. But what I love is at the end of the manga, he still retains that same personality, but it doesn’t feel forced at all – it just seems completely natural. Yes, Hana’s presence in his life did change him as a person, but it didn’t change the core of his personality. Also, his aloofness combined with shows of kindness and compassion do seem genuine to me, rather than just an attempt by the author to make the hero seem likeable.

I really like Hana a lot. Hana’s childishness works because she is exactly that – a child. There are other shoujo heroines that act in a similar manner while being in high school, but because of Hana’s age, her mannerisms don’t seem forced at all. Also, I really like the emotional maturity she develops in the second half of the manga, and I cried genuinely in the last ten chapters during those plot developments. By the way, Hana as a child is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen (=^_^=). I can’t believe Vivi makes angry faces at her when she smiles – it’s unfathomable!

The first couple chapters of Hana to Akuma are sweet and short one-shot like chapters that start to give you a taste of the relationship between Vivi and Hana. As the series moves on their relationship deepens and I know you will begin to understand why this series deserves a ten.

On another note, the ending of this manga deserves its own mention.

I. LOVED. THE ENDING. SO VERY MUCH. It was great. It tied up all of the knots. And after reading it three separate times, I still cry a little when I see that last panel. I really don’t want to give it away, so all I will say is that it is something, if you are a shoujo fan, THAT YOU NEED TO READ.

The art is really good. There are times where I think it sometimes lacks polish, but overall the quality is really good. The clothing as drawn by Oto-sensei is excellent and pretty, combining western and Japanese styles of clothing seamlessly. 

Hana to Akuma is full of sweet moments between the Viva and Hana, as well as very funny and witty comments exchanged from Vivi and his fellow demon friend Felton. True shoujo fans will not be disappointed by Hana to Akuma at all, and I believe those who just like a little bit of romance every know and then will find this to be worth their time. 


  1. Wow! is is the same artist as gakuen alice? It somehow resembles the artwork of gakuen :)


    1. Yeah it looks alike,,, but not same artist.
      Hana to akuma - Oto, Hisamu (Story & Art)
      Gakuen alice - Higuchi, Tachibana (Story & Art)

      Thank you. Sure visiting your blog :)