23 Dec 2012

Daniel Radcliffe needs rehab

DANIEL Radcliffe is back boozing up a storm and his friends are pleading with him to check into rehab.

The actor — who had two hard-earned years of sobriety until he began hitting the bottle about a month ago — is said to be in a bad place.

Dan’s drinking recently culminated in a drunken argument with a DJ at a New York City club.

“In my opinion, Danie’s back where he started,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“When he drinks, he gets carried away, and that’s exactly what happened to him in New York.”

Daniel — who shot to fame playing boy wizard Harry Potter in the popular film franchise — admitted he had a drinking problem and gave up booze in 2010.

“He knows he shouldn’t drink, so this incident was an eye-opening relapse,” said the source.

“Daniel is very embarrassed and even considered going back tot he club to apologize.

“His friends want him to get into an established booze rehab — and cut out drinking for good.”

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