28 Dec 2012

Niall Horan: Would He Really Date Selena Gomez if She Was Single?

Can we expect to see One Direction's Niall Horan and Selena Gomez together any time soon? Probably not!

During her recent breakup drama with Justin Bieber, Selena was rumored to be eying up the 1D cutie after her BFF, Taylor Swift, started dating his band mate Harry Styles.

Many thought it could be true...Niall does resemble Bieber a little! But according to Hollywoodlife.com, Niall wouldn't even give Selena a chance if she wanted one.

A close source told the website SugarScape.com that, "Niall and Selena are friendly with each other, but they don't want to date each other. They're not attracted to each other. And if they were attracted to each other (but they're not), Niall wouldn't want to hurt his friendship with Justin by dating Selena. Niall still has a crush on Demi Lovato, who's been Selena's friend for a long time. He wouldn't ruin his chances with Demi by dating Selena."

Aww, that's cool he wouldn't want to hurt The Biebs and really likes Demi! But let's be real, you know they're attracted to each other! How couldn't they be? Look at them!

After pics surfaced of Selena and Justin snuggling over the holidays, we're pretty sure she's not looking in Niall's direction right now anyway.

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