30 Jun 2011

Selena Gomez finds time to be a teen

SELENA GOMEZ needs a nap.
It was a week ago Monday at the Four Seasons Hotel and the 18-year-old actress/singer, who was hospitalized for exhaustion a few weeks back, has just flown in from Toronto, where the previous night she’d performed and hosted a major Canadian music-awards show.
Between the post-show adrenaline rush and boyfriend Justin Bieber showing up to support her, Gomez had a late night and an early flight, and after two hours of interviews would be off to the King of Prussia Mall to greet thousands of screaming fans.
The “Mall Tour” would bring her to Boston, Detroit, Chicago, New York and other cities to promote her new movie, “Monte Carlo,” and her new CD, “When the Sun Goes Down,” which was released yesterday.
Her concert tour, with her band, The Scene, kicks off at the end of next month and comes to the Mann Music Center on Aug. 19. It will hit 31 cities in 43 days.
Is it any wonder she’s yawning?
With the relentless travel and pressure to be ON all the time (happy, energetic, personable), it’s easy to see how teen stars can lose themselves in bad behavior and artificial stimulants. But by all accounts, Gomez is a solid teen role model – works hard, doesn’t play too hard, understands her good fortune, respects her fans, etc.
So she politely sits in a hotel suite to talk about “Monte Carlo” – in which she plays both an American teenager and a British heiress – as her publicity team hovers nearby to fend off any questions about Bieber or her hospital visit. She is willing to talk about how she tries to stays normal while being surrounded by an entourage.
“I have to be a teenager,” she said. “I have to hang out with my friends. I have to talk to my friends. I have to get out by myself without security or my mom. That’s if my mom can get me out of the house, because I’m actually a couch potato. I love sitting and watching movies.”
Gomez said she got the starring role in “Monte Carlo” because she worked with 20th Century Fox “on ‘Ramona and Beezus,’ and I created a really good relationship with them.”
“So when ‘Monte Carlo’ came about, they talked to [director] Tom Bezucha, and they said they wanted me to play Grace and Cordelia.”
“I was excited they were willing to take a chance on me,” Gomez added.
In the romantic comedy, variations of which go back to “The Prince and the Pauper,” Gomez’s galpals are played by Katie Cassidy (“Melrose Place”) and Leighton Meester (“Gossip Girl”), who haven’t been teenagers for, uh, a while.
“It’s funny you say that,” Gomez said, “because I was very intimidated when I found out that Leighton and Katie got the parts. I was nervous that they were both going to be hanging out with each other and leave this 17-year-old kid out, but they were unbelievable. I don’t think I’ve ever met two girls with such class and such wonderful hearts. They’re just so good to everybody, and they were so good to me – and very protective. I got very lucky.”
The young actress was not as lucky when it came to playing polo in the film.
“Actually I was supposed to be good at polo, but I was so bad when we were practicing that they rewrote the script. It made the film a lot funnier but it was very humiliating. Polo’s a lot harder than it looks. Not my thing.”
As for the new album, Gomez said it’s a progression in her growth as a singer.
“I think each album kind of represents the time that I’m in,” she said. “This album is really uplifting. It’s fun and upbeat and it’s got great messages, and I think it’s going to be a big summer anthem for a lot of people . . . hopefully.”
Up next is the summer music tour and development of the book Thirteen Reasons Why into a movie. Although the popular young-adult novel deals with teen suicide, Gomez and author Jay Asher want the film to be more inspiring than tragic.
“My mom found the book a while back, and she had me read it,” Gomez said. “I fell in love with it and we went out to get the rights, and now we’re turning it into a film. I don’t think it’s risky or a big leap for me because I think the message applies to my generation.”
Like most young stars, Gomez speaks to her generation via her website and Twitter, although she does get complaints about her tweeting.
“I get comments every day that I don’t use Twitter right,” she said. “A few people are angry that all I do is talk about ‘Monte Carlo’ and my album, but to me that’s what it’s for. I tell my fans random things like my favorite quotes or my favorite songs, maybe a photo shoot that I’m doing where I love the clothes and I can’t wait for them to see it. But that’s what it’s for – to connect with my fans and let them know what I’m doing and how I’m doing and what I’m excited about. I really want to believe that my fans don’t care about when I’m cooking or going to the bathroom.”
Or taking a nap.
“I try to take a day off here and there,” Gomez said, when asked about her grueling schedule. “At the moment I’m promoting a lot, so I don’t get much sleep as you could tell from the yawn in our interview – and I apologize for that.”

29 Jun 2011

Selena Gomez likes playing a snoot

As if Selena Gomez doesn’t have enough on her plate: In her new movie Monte Carlo, out Friday, the Disney star plays dual roles.   
Gomez, 18, stars as Gracie, who takes a trip to Paris with her friends Meg ( Leighton Meester) and Emma ( Katie Cassidy). While sightseeing at the Eiffel Tower, they look down to see their tour bus has taken off. They end up using the restroom at a fancy hotel, where Gracie is mistaken for her British doppelgänger, a snooty socialite. The three pals decide to go along and live Cordelia Scott’s cushy life for a few days.  
Gomez loved dressing up. 
  “All the clothes! I feel like the wardrobe is another reason to see the movie,’’ said Gomez, who was at the Four Seasons Miami Hotel doing press. “I love that we incorporate fashion. Some of the looks . . . I was just blown away.’’  
The scenery wasn’t too shabby, either. 
“Oh my goodness, we shot in Hungary and Paris and Monte Carlo,’’ she recounted. “It was amazing: the beautiful places, the culture, food. Katie, Leighton and I had a great time. We would always go out and walk around.’’  
A few things Selena won’t miss. “Wearing Cordelia’s high heels was sooo painful,’’ said Gomez, who also had to attempt to be sporty. “I can ride horses but was horrible at playing polo.’’ 
Switching between down-to-earth Gracie, who wore casual clothes and a bit of mascara, and Cordelia, with red lips and a tight updo, wasn’t easy, either.  
“It’s hard to interact with myself,’’ explained the Wizards of Waverly Place star. “Also my stand-in was Hungarian and didn’t speak English that well. That was really unpredictable.’’  
To prepare, Gomez read stacks of Hello! magazines. But a lot of the character was improvised.  
“It was really on me to do things to make the two separate,’’ said the Texas native. “But it’s cool to play over the top and something different for me and my fans.’’  
Speaking of fans, Gomez has quite a few. Last week, she did an appearance at Miami International Mall and almost caused a riot. But she relishes giving back to all those who have followed her music and acting career.  
“It’s still thrilling to see all those people. It takes my breath away.’’  
Didn’t get to the mall? Gomez will be back in town at Mizner Park July 28 to kick off a summer tour to promote her third album, When the Sun Goes Down.   
Despite a recent hospitalization for malnutrition and exhaustion — plus being in a (rumored) relationship with the biggest tween heartthrob on the planet, Justin Bieber — she’s game.  
“The lyrics are cheeky and fun, and it’s very inspirational,’’ she said. “I feel like I’m getting a little older, and it’s fun to experiment.’’ 

Justin Bieber Meets Fan President Obama Wanted Him To Meet

Remember when President Obama promised a young girl would meet Justin Bieber? Well, if so then we have good news to report. Justin did grant the wish after all. The girl who lost her father in 9/11 finally had her chance to meet the teen idol during his brief stop in NE US.
Justin stopped by New Jersey to meet the girl and her friends before stopping off in NYC for his girlfriend’s movie premier. He reportedly took photos, signed autographs and talked to him. Granted the meeting was held during his meet and greet for his perfume-but the girls did not complain about the meeting. They were just happy that they got the chance.

No word on what took it so long or why it was arranged during a busy meet and greet. But he did provide the girl and her friends a memory of a lifetime. No word on if a proper meeting will take place, but it would be nice if Justin wanted to make sure he fulfilled the girl’s dream by double checking with her. The main thing is that she did get to meet him as she requested

Taylor Swift Shines in Foxborough

It was a two-night love story between Taylor Swift and her fans that ended Sunday night at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.
Country music sensation Swift, who performed at Gillette, her first large-scale venue last year, returned to Foxborough June 25-26 for another spectacular, over the top show.
Swift, a four-time Grammy award winner, led fans through the pages of her diary during her high energy, two-hour performance. Tales of first love, lost love and best friends were displayed through numerous costume changes, set design and two firework displays. 
Sparks flew as Swift opened her show with the number “Sparks Fly” from her current “Speak Now” album. Swift, dressed in a glittery gold dress, emerged from the middle of her runway in cloud of smoke with gold fireworks bursting behind her above the stage.
The opening act left jaws hanging as fans quickly realized the show was going to be much more than your typical country concert. Swift was silent after her first number, clearly soaking in what must have been an unbelievable moment for her – performing in front of over 100,000 fans in two days. 
“Foxborough is the first place that I realized it was a possibility to play for [over 100,000] people in two days,” said Swift. 
Entertainment was plentiful, as Swift incorporated Broadway, ballet, tap dancing, and an array of musical instruments into her show.
Hints of Broadway shined through during the “Story of Us,” which was performed on a grand staircase with a group of talented dancers, to an “old school” themed tap dancing performance during a costume change for Swift. The song “Speak Now,” was played out with a wedding on stage, telling the tale of a wedding being interrupted when the preacher asks for any objections. 
Swift’s costume changes elaborated the Broadway look from glamorous gowns, ruffled, vintage costumes and glitzy short dresses.
The show slowed down as Swift performed her more delicate songs, “Last Kiss” and “Fearless,” on a purple and white, revolving lighted tree in the middle of the stadium.
The show ended like any real love story – memorable and thrilling. Swift ended the show with her hit song "Love Story," in which she soared above the audience on a “Romeo and Juliet” style balcony structure.
Swift, although young, has catapulted herself into the music history books. A humbled Swift spoke very little during her show, compared to many new generation performers, simply letting her music speak for her. She paused the show for three minutes after the first act to repeatedly thank the crowd for their support.
“My time in Foxborough, Massachusetts will be filed under one of the greatest times in my life,” said Swift.

Emma Roberts: Ferragamo Fashion Show!

Emma Roberts arrives in a deep purple frock at the James B. Duke Mansion in NYC to preview Salvatore Ferragamo’s Women’s Resort 2012 Collection on Tuesday evening (June 28).
The 20-year-old actress tweeted her excitement for the new collection, “Ferragamo show was amazing! Loved the nautical feeling. Made me want to be on a boat!”
Emma also just recently wrapped her upcoming movie, Celeste & Jesse Forever. “Last day on Celeste and Jesse Forever! Have had so much fun working on this!

Emma Watson Gushes About Her Harry Potter Co-Star Crush

The final chapter of "Harry Potter" is coming out in less than two weeks and our three beloved wizards have gone their separate ways--one to Broadway, one to an ice cream truck--while the last is splashed across magazine covers.
The question on everybody's mind seems to be: Who is Emma Watson, really? And the answer is more gratifying now than ever.
On Vogue's July cover, with a slick back pixie cut and a shiny shift dress, she's high fashion and trying to reconcile the bookish heroine Hermione Granger and her real identity. With inexplicable comparisons to the grungy life of Patti Smith, we come away with a portrait of Emma that's more elusive than it is revealing.
Luckily, Seventeen has just what we're looking for; in blindingly-bright ensembles she talks about fashion, dorm living and her first on-set crush. To wizard-wannabes there's nothing more thrilling than the prospect of romance lingering in the vaulted halls of Hogwarts. We're all pretty psyched for Ron and Hermione's love to finally, finally blossom in the last chapter of "Harry Potter", and the article reveals, to muggles delight, there was heartache behind the camera, too. The actress admits that she, in real life, had the hots for a wand-wielding co-star.
No, not for 'The Chosen One' or the good-natured ginger but for Harry Potter's childhood nemesis, Draco Malfoy.
“For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton,” Emma tells the magazine. “He was my first crush. He totally knows. We talked about it – we still laugh about it. We are really good friends now, and that’s cool.”
Wonder if fellow co-star Daniel Radcliffe guided her through those texts.

E! TATER Top Awards: Damon/Elena Kiss Up for Biggest TV Shocker

Another day, another Tater Top nomination. Damon and Elena’s kiss is up for Biggest TV Shocker against competition from shows like Bones, Fringe, and Gossip Girl. And if you missed any of the previous categories, voting is open until July 5.

E! TATER Tops: Nina Dobrev as Katherine up for Best Bitch

We’re on a roll! Another category of E!Online’s Tater Top Awards has been posted, and this time, Nina Dobrev as Katherine Pierce is in the running for Best Bitch on Television. You’d better head over and vote for Katherine, or she might snap your neck on the dance floor. And if you missed any of the previous categories, you can vote until July 5.

28 Jun 2011

Kim Hyun joong New images, shirtless

OH mY gosh!!!!! I CAANT BELIEVE MY EYES!!!!!!!

Taylor Swift shares her beauty secrets with fans

County songbird Taylor Swift is a role model for young tweens and teens. The young singer may have already proved that young stars can find long-term success in the music industry with her three albums and numerous music awards, but Taylor seems even more intent on keeping her image family friendly. What else has Taylor done for her fans? Offer up her tips on hair, makeup, and skincare.
In a recent interview with Allure magazine, Taylor answers beauty questions from readers. She gives valuable tips on how to care for curly locks, how to make your lipstick last, and why she doesn’t tan. She’s a true girl’s girl and she is not afraid of sharing healthy skincare tips that her fans can really use. Here is the beauty Q & A session:
Taylor, like you, I have naturally curly hair. What technique do you use to curl your hair into perfect ringlets? What are your favorite products and tools?—Amy Felts
“My hair is naturally curly, so some days I just let it be. But when I wake up and my hair looks like a mess, I curl my hair by wrapping the hair around the curling iron to create a spiral look. I don’t use any hair products because I have this fear of putting too much mousse in it or something and my hair ending up feeling crunchy.”
How do you get your red lipstick to stay on all day?—Olga Navarro Davis
“There are tricks I’ve learned from makeup artists on shoots. They put on the red lipstick, then blot it with a tissue, then they put powder over the tissue and sort of press it onto your lips. Then re-apply. It turns it into a stain that lasts much longer.”
What kind of skin products do you use? Your skin always looks so healthy.—Steffany Mae-Rose Hutchings
“Thank you! I use whatever is around, really. I’ll go to the drugstore and just get makeup removal pads, facial scrubs (that I always forget to use).The one thing I do daily is a put on night cream every morning before I put on my make up, and at night before I go to bed.”
How do you keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful without resorting to tanning beds?—Mandy Viar
“I don’t mind being pale. In high school, it seemed like everybody cared about being tan all year round, but I haven’t really thought about it since then. I don’t go to a tanning bed, and I get bored when I lay out. I put sunscreen on when I’m in the sun and sometimes I get tan, but I don’t really think about it very much.”
What is your nighttime beauty routine?—Sammi Jo
“I take my contacts out, wash my face, put on night cream, and put on my glasses so I can watch Friends. Sometimes I forget to wash off my makeup. Okay—almost all the time.”
This brief beauty interview is very insightful and I know that all her fans find her skincare tips of great use. She proves that you don’t have to have super straight hair and the perfect tan to look gorgeous.

Katy Perry Plans to Party When Her Tour Ends

"When the tour is over Im going to be a devil and hit a wild streak. Ill be face down in the porcelain," she says
Jun 22, 2011
Singer Katy Perry is looking forward to the end of her current tour so she can resume drinking booze and binging on junk food.
The pop star is taking her California Dreams tour seriously and has cut out alcohol and coffee, embarking on a strict dietary regime to ensure her voice is in top form on stage.
Perry has been craving wine and is adamant she will revert back to her wild ways when the tour wraps up later this year.
She tells Britains Daily Star, "Im pretty boring on the road because I save it all for the stage, so Im on a strict vitamin diet. But when the tour is over Im going to be a devil and hit a wild streak. Ill be face down in the porcelain.
"I cant eat spicy food or dairy because theyre bad for your voice. I cant even do coffee. So youll find me staring at the white wine in the fridge backstage."

Robert Pattinson: His Top Ten List — Is Kristen Stewart Included?

Robert Pattinson maintains a packed schedule, with his filming schedule (from the just-wrapped Breaking Dawn to current project, Cosmopolis), movie premieres, and just keeping up appearances. Plus, the heart-throb carves out time for his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

Given such a never-ending calendar, it's all about the priorities for a hot Hollywood star like R-Patz. And, in that spirit, Irish Central put together a witty "top ten" list of things that the actor simply could not live without. It's not endorsed by Pattinson, but what makes the list more entertaining, and more believable than David Letterman's wacky countdown, is that the writer did some major research and compiled it using quotes uttered straight from the mouth of Pattinson.

Included on the roster are little must-haves for Pattinson, such as his dog ("The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog"); his trademark hair ("I only use water"); a stylist ("I picked out the most ridiculous, extravagant clothes... then I put them on and I thought 'you look such an idiot.'"); and his all-important bodyguards ("I'm really afraid of getting hit by cars, like terrified of it").

But other VIPs weren't left off the list, either, like Robert Pattinson's sisters and Edward Cullen, his Twilight character for whom he'll be forever associated. And, not to worry, Kristen Stewart made the cut, too, because "she's cool," at least in the words of R-Patz. To go hand in hand (or lip to lip!) with Stewart is another top ten list item—kissing, because "I always get carried away when I'm kissing. I just go nuts!"

But, sorry Kristen Stewart and any past, present, or future lip-locked moments with Pattinson, the most prominent things on this list have to be career and money! The Irish Central writer chose this amusing Robert Pattinson quote to illustrate the importance of his job: "Sometimes I think, 'To hell with acting,' and then I realize I could be working at a shoe shop. Acting is much cooler." Somehow, it's hard to picture Pattinson pounding out the hours at a shoe shop!

And then the money shot, ahem, quote from Robert Pattinson: "I started doing a paper route when I was about 10... And then I was obsessed with earning money until I was about 15." Talk about one magnificent obsession! Pattinson certainly has cashed in big since his newspaper days.

Q&A: 'Monte Carlo' star Selena Gomez says M&M's are not a suitable replacement for a sandwich

Wait: Wasn’t Selena Gomez just hospitalized for malnutrition after reportedly eating too much candy and junk food? Yet for our morning interview at the Four Seasons Hotel, in front of her sits her requested breakfast of French fries. On tap for lunch: pizza.

“My diet hasn’t changed,” says the 18-year-old singer/actress, whose album, “When the Sun Goes Down,” drops Tuesday and her movie, “Monte Carlo,” opens Friday. “I just probably need to incorporate a little bit more protein. Very little.”

Certainly Gomez’s many handlers—sitting in the room are her publicist and a studio rep who earlier referred to “Team Selena”—will make sure the young star eats her vitamins. Something else they’re surely monitoring: if the former “Barney” cast member and current star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” can graduate to movie star. Of course, “Monte Carlo” isn’t exactly an edgy action blowout. In the family friendly film, Gomez plays both good-hearted Texas teen Grace and obnoxious British heiress Cordelia, whom Grace impersonates on a trip to Paris with her BFF (Katie Cassidy) and stepsister (Leighton Meester).

Before we move on: Texas-native and L.A. resident Gomez dates Justin Bieber, but if you’re looking for info on his kissing technique or how he smells, you’re reading the wrong publication.

While being Cordelia, how much did you think, “Oh, a person who’s constantly mobbed by the press; I think I understand this.”?
Well, the difference is she craves that and starts that. I avoid it at all costs, and she puts herself right in the middle of that. I’ve never experienced it like Cordelia. Cordelia has a lot of it, and she deals with it in a much different way.

Did playing her make you enjoy that stuff any more?
No. Even as pretend it was annoying. [Laughs.]

What’s annoying to you about that?
First of all, I don’t understand how a grown man with a camera would like to take pictures of an 18-year-old walking down the street. That just really bothers me.

Better than photographing a 17-year-old.
I guess, but they followed me since I was 16. It’s just a little weird for me and invasive.

How should girls convince their guys to see “Monte Carlo”?
For me it’s always, “You give and you take.” “I’ll go see ‘Transformers’ if you go see ‘Monte Carlo.’” That’s all you have to say.

Do you have an example of when that’s happened in your relationship?
No, but I grew up with all the guys down the street, and I was one of the guys growing up. I was a big tomboy. So whenever we’d come to those moments where I wanted to watch, like, “A Walk to Remember,” I’d always say, “You guys, all you do is do boys’ stuff, so you have to do this for me.” And then they’d get mad and sit down and watch with me.

You’ve got an appearance at the Orland Square Mall. Last year, Zac Efron told me that even burly security guards and cops sometimes cover their eyes and ears and get freaked out during those events. What goes through your head in that setting?
I never get freaked out. I think I have much different fans than boys do. It’s different for me. I actually enjoy it. I’ve never been scared. The only instant I’ve been scared is if my fans are going to get hurt.

How are fans different for you than for male actors?
Because if I saw Zac Efron, I would probably hyperventilate and scream. But if I saw Rachel McAdams or a girl actress that I loved, I would almost feel like she’s relatable and I would just want to go up and say hi to her. And that’s how my fans are. I feel like my fans are so cool, I should probably have lunch with my fans. Whereas I’m sure Zac probably couldn’t understand … ‘cause he’s like gorgeous.

You’ve never had a male fan shrieking and crying in front of you?
No, my male fans are cool, that’s the good thing. They try and be slick. Like, “Hey, what’s up?”

Does a particular line come to mind?
No. I mean, they’ve given me flowers and have asked me out a couple times, which is cute.

Compare working with a horse on “Monte Carlo” to your past experience working with a dinosaur [“Barney”].
[Laughs.] Well, the dinosaur was a very cute 27-year-old guy that was really nice. And the horse was really fun and very sweet and I had a great time riding the horse. The polo was miserable. I hated doing polo. But I really loved the horse.

Why did you hate the polo?
‘Cause I’m horrible at it. It was hard. I could not get it down, and it was really irritating me.

How would you feel if you were locked in a room and forced to listen to “I Love You, You Love Me” 1,000 times in a row?
I have! I grew up doing that. So it’s kind of become part of my vocabulary, and I have lots of people that come up to me and sing that song.

How many languages can you sing it in?
Only one, unfortunately.

How do you compare your acting and singing skills?
For me my music is fun. I don’t really take my music that serious. I love inspiring people and I love making good music, but I don’t stress about it. I don’t think I’m ever going to win a Grammy, and I’m OK with that. Acting is something I work really, really hard on that I throw myself into a situation where I do work 18 hours a day. And I do hope to see longevity. And I hope to be rewarded with really great people and great actresses and people I get to work with, so I hope [that’s what happens].

Then is acting the A track and singing the B track?
Kind of, but not even that. I do enjoy my music; I’m very passionate about the music. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t be able to sing and tour and all of that’s really fun. I just think for the sake of when I’m 20, 23, 25 and I’m a little bit exhausted, I think I’m going to stick to acting.

Speaking of exhaustion, how are you feeling these days?
Good, I’m much better, thank you.

Nina Dobrev on “Brilliant” Julie Plec & Work-Life Balance (VIDEO)

MTV Hollywood Crush talked to Nina Dobrev after the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month, and just posted their interview with her. Watch to find out Nina’s thoughts on the show’s writers, her pursuit of work-life balance, and whether she’s still having fun:

Daniel Radcliffe gets dating tips from Emma Watson

Actor Daniel Radcliffe has been receiving some relationship advice from his Harry Potter co-star, Emma Watson.
Radcliffe admits he often asks Watson for help when wooing girls, reports contactmusic.com.
"We are very much like brother and sister. We would help each other with relationship advice, particularly funny were the moments when we would help each other compose texts to the most recent flames in either of our lives," he told Vogue magazine.

27 Jun 2011

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong Making Coffee at Hangten's "SAVE THE EARTH" Event!

Four 'Deathly Hallows - Part 2' long shot character posters

Teen storms Miley Cyrus concert

An Australian teen has caused an internet sensation after being accused of "attacking" Miley Cyrus at the pop star’s Melbourne concert. Video by YouTube user josephmccarthy93.

An Australian teenager has caused an internet sensation after being accused of "attacking" Miley Cyrus at the pop star's Melbourne concert.
But the girl's sister told The Courier yesterday that her sister was simply a devoted fan and just wanted to get closer to the teen superstar.
The incident occurred just after Cyrus had finished her chart-topping hit The Climb to a packed house at Rod Laver Arena on Friday.
While Cyrus was waving to fans out on a catwalk, Jessica Hetherington, 16, from Ballarat north-west of Melbourne leapt onto the stage, ran up to Cyrus and tried to pull her into a hug.
Security immediately grabbed the young fan and escorted Cyrus off the stage in scenes reminiscent of a secret-service presidential escort.
The online community immediately went into meltdown, with some web sites labelling the incident an "attack", while others stated the Ballarat girl "rushed" the pop star.
Gossip website hollywoodlife.com boldly proclaimed Cyrus had been "attacked by a fan".
"Lucky for Miley, security was there to quickly, and somewhat aggressively, take the fan down and get Miley off the stage," the site said.
Last night, the video of the escapade featured at the top of the "music section" on YouTube.
Jessica's older sister, Casey, said she was proud of her sister for "having the guts" to give Cyrus a hug.
"When Jess was little, as soon as she started liking Miley she said she would give her a hug when she met her - so I say good on her," Casey said. "It's been blown right out of proportion."
Casey said her sister was disappointed with some of the comments angry fans had directed towards her.
"There's stuff on Miley's Facebook saying that Jess was a troubled and disobedient girl," she said.
"It's just completely wrong - after the show one of the security guards gave her a high-five."
"I'm sure there are plenty of other girls who want to hug Miley but don't have the guts."

Miley Cyrus: Smiles For Sydney

Miley Cyrus arrives at Sydney Domestic Airport in Australia with her crew in tow on Saturday afternoon (June 25).
The 18-year-old musician tweeted about her love for the Aussie capital, “Life is SO good. Waking up in Sydney, getting a mani pedi w/ my bestie & talking on the phone for 1 hour w/ the sweetest boy in the world =]”
Miley even got a present from her fans after she arrived! “Dancing around my hotel room to “Look at me now” in my new Aussie booty shorts my fans gave me =] They got the aussie flag on em! SO CUTE!,” she wrote.
Check out a new video from backstage at Miley’s Melbourne concert!

Backstage with Miley Cyrus in Melbourne, Australia

Rupert Grint Talks About Robert Pattinson to Attitude Magazine

Here’s a quote of Rupert Grint mentions about Robert Pattinson during an interview with Attitude Magazine.
Q: The films have spawned lots of big stars, such as Robert Pattinson. Are you a fan of the Twilight films?
R: Yeah, definitely. There’s no rivalry. I’ve only seen one-and-a-half of them. My sisters love them. It’s great to see Robert in this huge thing.I was pleased for him.
Q: Do you keep in contact? R: Not really. The last time I saw him was just before he got the Twilight job. I think ii was at the fifth film premiere. he just happened to be walking past as he wasn’t originally invited because he wasn’t in that film. (Laughs).

Kristen Stewart Parties All Night With Garrett Hedlund!

The ‘On The Road’ costars relax together in Los Angeles!

Kristen Stewart was last spotted in Los Angeles on June 22 at the premiere of the film A Better Lifewith Taylor Lautner, and we now know she hit up the film’s after party at The Ritz-Carlton – with her BFF and hot On The Road costar Garrett Hedlund!
Several eyewitnesses told HollywoodLife.com exclusively that K-Stew, 21, and Garrett, 26, looked happy to be spending time together. That said, there was no intimacy between the pair — just two great friends and costars having fun!
“Kristen and Garrett were both at the A Better Life afterparty, but Taylor was not there,” the source said. “It was interesting that Garrett arrived to the premiere late and by himself. Maybe he purposely didn’t want to be seen with Kristen to spread rumors, but they did hang out together later.”
We’re glad K-Stew had a great night out, but we’re sure she misses her boyfriend Robert Pattinson!

Robert Pattinson Likes The Party Scene

Breaking Dawn actor Robert Pattinson has become a fan of the party scene!
Now that Rob has been hanging out in Toronto during filming for his new movie, Cosmopolis, he’s been getting his drink on at the local watering holes. A source said, “Rob really loves two bars in Toronto, Goodnight and The Dakota Tavern. He’s super laid back and normal acting. It’s obvious he likes the bar scene a lot.”
Reportedly, the actor has become pretty fond of Toronto. An inside snitch says that Rob and girlfriend Kristen Stewart have been arguing over his partying lifestyle. Of course, we can’t fail to mention the rumors of Rob cheating on Kristen.
A spy said, “Rob’s been partying hard. He’s been out almost every night at concerts and dinners with pals – and this is hot on the heels of him going out clubbing with Sienna Miller in London a few weeks ago. Kristen’s upset about his partying and ended up having a tearful showdown with him over the phone, saying he’s acting as if he finds life boring with her.”
The source added, “She’s feeling insecure because she’s back home looking after their dog Bear and hasn’t seen him for weeks. But Rob thinks she’s blowing it all out of proportion.”
Do you think the whole drama is being blown out of proportion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Kids electrified as Disney star Selena Gomez visits Orland Square

Boys think she’s hot, girls think she’s an inspiration, and parents consider her a good role model.
That was the general consensus among Selena Gomez fans who waited in line for hours on Sunday to see the singer/actress at Orland Square in Orland Park.
Gomez, who stopped by the mall to promote her romantic comedy “Monte Carlo” (opening Friday) also stars in the Disney Channel TV show “Wizards of Waverly Place” and fronts the band Selena Gomez and the Scene.
“She’s pretty; she’s funny; she’s outgoing,” said Vanessa Olinger, 12, of Homer Glen. “I love how she’s dating Justin Bieber. She sings awesome.”
Vanessa’s cousin Nicky Lotito, 7, of Orland Park, likes Gomez for similar reasons.
“What I like about her is she’s nice and she’s hot,” he said. “She’s genuine, and she has good personality.”
Even parents went gaga for Gomez. “We all watch ‘Wizards of Waverly Place,’ and we love her acting,” said Alexandra Dimitrakopoulos of Orland Park, who took her children Elena, 8, Nikki, 4, and Yianni, 2.
“We want to see her new movie that’s coming out. We just think she’s a really good singer and she’s cute. She’s a good role model for kids of today, which is important.”
Fans who got to the mall early enough received one of the 950 wristbands that gave the wearer access to the festivities inside.
They participated in sing-alongs and watched a trailer for “Monte Carlo” while they waited for Gomez to arrive.
When she did, the room erupted in a simultaneous symphony of screams.
“You make me so happy, and I love you so much,” Gomez told fans after walking onstage and answering questions submitted by WKSC-FM (103.5) radio listeners.
It was an experience Amanda Flowers, 9, of Orland Park, won’t soon forget.
“It was exciting,” she said. “I can’t wait to see her movie, and I can’t wait to hear her perform again.”
Amanda’s mother, Diane, said the wait to get into the mall wasn’t a wasted effort.
“She wanted to come real bad,” she said. “We were waiting at 8 o’clock this morning, then we had to come back and wait in line all over again, but it was worth it just to see her smile.”

Emma declines to trade on Roberts family name

Emma Roberts is an overachiever as an actress, but an under-performer as a famous personality. And she wants to keep it that way.
"I've recently started this thing where I go quietly with the flow, so (I hope) that works out for me," says the 20-year-old from L.A.
Maybe she's navigating under the radar, because she has witnessed the aftermath of fame's bright glare, suffered by her infamous actor-father, Eric Roberts, and her movie-star aunt, Julia Roberts.
Whatever the reason, the next-generation Roberts has managed to avoid the trap of portraying either a girlfriend in a special-effects blockbuster or a sexy lass in a big-budget R-rated romp.
Indeed, she is stubbornly focused on pleasing herself, not on enticements offered by the persuasive film industry.
Case in point is The Art of Getting By, which just opened after a preview at last winter's Sundance Film Festival, under the title Homework.
In the low-key teen comedy, Roberts plays a seemingly happy Sally, who is, deep down, a disenfranchised student in New York. She befriends schoolmate George (Freddie Highmore, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), a sullen, apathetic procrastinator with more talent than desire.
They bond, and slowly discover there might be more to their futures than they thought.
"It's a subtle love story, and that was appealing to me," says Roberts.
As an added bonus, she connected with Highmore, and with first-time movie director Gavin Wiesen, who also wrote the screenplay.
"I definitely could not have done this without Freddie," says the actress, who was impressed with the London-born Highmore's mastery of an American dialect. "The only challenges, really, were the logistics of shooting all over New York for a month."
Rounding out the cast are some seasoned actors. Blair Underwood shows up as a concerned principal. Former teen star Alicia Silverstone plays a teacher. Sam Robards is George's stepfather.
"We all got along very well," says Roberts. "Everybody seemed to click."

Daniel Radcliffe's Five Influential Books For Scholastics 'You Are What You Read' Campaign

Scholastic's latest campaign, You Are What You Read, encourages readers to create a list - or "bookprint" - of books that have left an "indelible mark on our lives, shaping who we are and who we've become."

A few notable names have shared their personal bookprint with Scholastic, including Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. His picks include the classics The Old Man and the Sea and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. And, of course, not to be left out: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!

You can read Mr. Radcliffe's complete top five list below along with a short explanation for each of his choices:
1. The Old Man and the Sea
"I think the Old Man and Sea was probably the first book by a really classic author that I ever read, and it was then that I realized that things were classics for a reason, and they weren’t all just really, really, really hard work."

2. Germinal
"Germinal by Emile Zola was the first sort of longer and more European novel that I ever read, and I remember reading it in like five days. It’s a long book, and I’m a slow reader, but I just did nothing else."

3. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
"It was given to me on my 15th birthday by a friend, and I just thought it was the funniest thing I ever read and kind of amazing and captured the period of time brilliantly."

4. The Master and Margarita
"The Master and Margarita is my favorite, favorite book in the world ever by Mikhail. To me it’s the greatest exploration of the human imagination, and it’s about forgiveness and life and history, and it’s just the most incredible book that I’ve ever read; I read it once and then I read it almost immediately again."

5. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
"I think it’s fair to say that if we’re talking about the five books that have most influenced my life, I think it would be pretty churlish of me not to say Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for giving me everything that I have and everything that I will have."
Other famous faces who have shared their bookprint with Scholastic include actress Sarah Jessica Parker, tennis player Serena Williams, and writer/director Richard Curtis.

26 Jun 2011

(Photo) Hyun Joong Sings for Another Wedding

Okay marriage is beyond imagination..... please just sing for my wedding ok?

Bonnie Wright AKA Ginny weasly of Harry potter

Of all the characters in the Harry Potter series, Ginny Weasley's transformation over the course of seven books might be the most dramatic—at first a shy little girl with a crush on her big brother's best friend, she ends up a self-possessed wizard fully capable of holding her own against some of the most powerful dark forces in her world (and of hanging onto Harry Potter's heart, to boot). And of all the actors chosen to portray Harry Potter's young characters in the blockbuster series of film adaptations, Bonnie Wright's transformation over the course of the last decade rivals only Emma Watson's as the most surprising: now 21, she's a stunning, eloquent young woman whose career is sure to last long beyond the Potter franchise.

The last Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, comes out July 15; we caught Wright in a time of transition, between finishing shooting it and heading to Jakarta to shoot her next feature, The Philosophers. She took some time out to talk to us about Ginny, her family, her costars, and her future.