15 Dec 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's MARRY ME MARRY YOU Digital Single/ MV Now OUT! and ranks first on real time music charts

What a great voice my dear Hyun Joong ah!!! Love you more!!!

Singer Kim Hyun Joong’s digital single album, Marry Me, ranked first on several music sites’ real time charts.

The song was released on December 15 and ranked first on several online music sites, including, Bugs, Mnet, and Soribada’s real time charts. The song is an acoustic ballad, which includes Kim’s sweet voice and clean guitar sounds.

The music video for the song was made with sand animation technique, which delivers beautiful emotions to people.

Kim is currently considering his next jobs and preparing for end of the year music programs.




I laugh for no reason
I get happy for no reason
It's so soft - everything is aromatic

Your voice is already like a spell cast on me
I thank you - it's the first I felt like this

Don't say anything and please hug me
Please accept my heart

Every morning I open my eyes
And drink the morning coffee
It feels just like a dream

On days I feel blue, you hold me
I promise that moment I swear (I swear on this moment)
Will you be that kind of love to me?
This is a love song for you (love song)

Whether you really don't know
Or you just can't catch it
Or if you know how much my heart is burning

My heart is only you
But you only look at other people
You don't know how I feel so much

Don't say anything and please kiss me
Please accept my love

Every morning I open my eyes
And drink the morning coffee
It feels just like a dream

On days I feel blue, you hold me
I promise that moment I swear (I swear on this moment)
Will you be that kind of love to me?
This is love is for you (love)

I promise that I'll never change
I promise you eternity

Your two cheeks blush 
You shyly lower your head
I will love you forever

Every day in the same bed
Every day dreaming the same dreams yeah

A sweet kiss with you
Please only love me
I will promise you

I Promise That Moment I Swear (I swear on this moment)
Please accept my heart
This is a love song for you (love song)

This is a love song for you (love song)

How very merry! Selena Gomez slips into a racy red festive romper as she belts out Christmas tunes at a concert

She just recently enjoyed a relaxing and romantic Mexican getaway with her boyfriend Justin Bieber.
And it seems as though the time off has really rejuvenated Selena Gomez.
Slipping into a racy red Christmas romper, the 19-year-old belted out tunes at the Now 99.7 Triple Ho Concert 2.0 at HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, last night.

The Wizards Of Waverly place star showed off her super slim figure in the spangled attire, which featured tiny shorts and a low-cut front.
The singer let the risque outfit do all the talking, wearing her brunette locks out in a natural wave and accessorising with a simple pair of hoop earrings.
As always Selena used her rhinestone-encrusted microphone for the energetic performance.  
Meanwhile, the teenager found an unusual way to celebrate Christmas  -  with a crazy socks party

Silky skills! Justin Bieber shows off his ball control to Chelsea's Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres

Being a teenage heartthrob obviously isn't enough for Justin Bieber.
The Canadian sensation has sung duets with Mariah Carey and Kanye West and has had dance offs against Usher and P.Diddy.
Now he has shown off his silky balls to some of the world's greatest living footballers.
The singer, whose worldwide hits include Baby, Baby, Never Say Never and One Time, found time to give the professionals a quick lesson in ball control.
The 17-year-old is a self confessed football fanatic, or as he calls it, soccer fan, and earlier this year he was sporting a Barcelona strip when he had a kick-around on the streets of Spain.

14 Dec 2011

Kristen Stewart enjoys late night London party without Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was spotted partying last week with friends; this week it was his girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s turn to let her hair down.

The Twilight star attended the wrap party for Snow White and the Huntsman, held at Loft Studios in London.

Kristen danced the night away with cast and crew, including co-stars Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, and Johnny Harris, before reportedly leaving the club at 3.15am.

Johnny Tweeted: “Great #SWATH party tonight! Seen this crew work hard these last few months so it's lovely to see them celebrate and in party mode tonight! X”

Kristen appeared to be having a ball but sadly, boyfriend Robert Pattinson was nowhere to be seen. Who wants take their other half to a work do anyway?

Let’s hope Rob doesn’t have the same worries as Kris…

Kristen is said to be concerned when her boy hits the town without her, not because she doesn’t trust him, she just doesn’t trust the young ladies who hound the heartthrob wherever he goes.

A source told US Weekly: "It’s really difficult. Rob rarely goes out, but when he does, Kristen is wary, not because she doesn’t trust him, but because she doesn’t trust the girls."

Robert Pattinson Disturbed by Kristen Stewart in 'Breaking Dawn'

Robert Pattinson has admitted that Kristen Stewart looked disturbing in Breaking Dawn Part 1 when she was pregnant and giving birth. If you saw the film, you know that Bella Swan loses a ton of weight, and looks very pale and sickly when she is having Renesmee. You may have even thought it was hard to watch—and Rob understands why!

"It's definitely very strange considering we did most of the movie where she gets looking progressively worse and worse. It was actually quite moving to see her look as haggard and destroyed as she did. It's incredibly disturbing, even on the set," Pattinson said.

Kristen Stewart did look awful and whoever did her make-up did an amazing job at making her look... well, dead. It was freaky to watch and even though Rob knew it was "fake," he too was disturbed by the scenes. Luckily for him, he knew that Bella becomes a beautiful vampire in Part 2, and the gross scenes were probably all worth it!

12 Dec 2011

Kim hyun joong Japanese magazine captures

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Worth Bucks

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart have won millions of hearts due to their great acting in the Twilight Saga, and now they are getting attention for their studio’s wallets. The list is based on how much money the actors return to the studio that produced their films. Forbes Top Actors for the Buck list has placed both of them in the top 5. Kristen Stewart sits pretty at number 1, while her on-screen and real life sweetheart is at number 3. Here is the full list if you are curious to see who is where on it and just how much money these lucky stars earn.

1. Kristen Stewart ($55.83)

2. Anne Hathaway ($45.67)

3. Robert Pattinson ($39.43)

4. Daniel Radcliffe ($34.24)

5. Shia LaBeouf ($29.40)

6. Robert Downey, Jr. ($18.74)

7. Matt Damon ($15.83)

8. Cate Blanchett ($15.17)

9. Meryl Streep ($13.54)

10. Johnny Depp ($12.48)

Selena Gomez Shares Photo From Fragrance Shoot

Selena Gomez may not have her perfume out yet, but she has been working on the photo shoot for her print ads. And while it is not planned for release until next year, Selena is asking for help again to pick the final scent. As she puts it, she wants a fragrance name that sounds like something sweet and romantic, and that’s why they are holding a contest for a fan to fly out to NYC to help with the fragrance. In the mean time, she did share this photo from the set of the shoot. Here is what she posted along it on her official Facebook page.

Shot in a giant fish tank all day yesterday for my new fragrance. Help me decide my final scents now at www.selenagomezperfumes.com and register for a chance to fly out to New York and pick the final scent that will ship to stores.

Somebody to Grope! Justin Bieber grabs a handful of Selena Gomez's bottom during Washington trip


Taylor Swift got to do something she’d never done before while shooting her latest video for ‘Ours’ — she got to work the camera. The nearly-22-year-old songstress acted with her faux boyfriend Zach Gilford to create the home movie effect seen in the clip.

“About to go make some videos… Home movies and cute things that I’m gonna be reminiscing back on while I’m in my awful work day,” Swift tells the camera in the opening shot of her latest behind-the-scenes webisode. The singer decided that having home movies intermixed in the actual video would give it a more personal feel, or as director Declan Whitebloom explains, “home movies to show the lighter side of life.”

The crew was going for a retro feel with the old school clips, and obtained the look by using a 8 mm camera effect. “We started to film Taylor and Zach doing those very actions together, like making their home movies,” Declan spills. “But we realized quite quickly that it was actually better to give them the camera.”

Taylor and Zach seemingly ran away with their newfound behind-the-camera freedom, even shooting when the director was out of sight, according to him. “They filmed each other like a real couple. That’s created a much more genuine, less professional look, which is what we were going for the whole time.”


Whilst visiting Hong Kong with Lancôme, the Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, has offered some sage advice to teenagers everywhere.


Emma Watson'sown adolescence was a far cry from that of any ordinary teenagers with eight Harry Potter films and a few modelling contracts thrown in for good measure.

But Emma hasn't let that stop her from offering some wise words to other youngsters.

During a trip to Hong Kong as the face of Lancôme, Miss Watson has emphasised the importance of 'feeling comfortable' in your own skin to teens everywhere.

The 21-year-old actress turned fashionista cut off her locks last year to rebel against her Harry Potter character Hermione's good-girl image.

Watson also revealed that her make-up routine has become more 'experimental' since she went for the chop and donned a pixie crop. She told fans how much she was enjoying opting for more bold and daring looks.

The Oxford University student offered her best advice to young fans and teenagers, saying:

'Be true to who you are and do the best to feel comfortable in your own skin. You are all right exactly as you are.'

Watson admitted at the premiere of her latest film My Week with Marilyn, that juggling her University timetable, acting and promotional work had been difficult.

Trying to keep track of her busy schedule, Emma compared her hectic lifestyle to that of Marilyn Monroe's: ‘I certainly feel a lot for her and what she went through.'

My Week with Marilyn at the Dubai International Film Festival

My Week with Marilyn is one of the highlights at this years Dubai International Film Festival. On Tuesday the 13th, a red carpet event will be followed at 8 pm with a screening of the movie at the Madinat Arena. Variety reported that Emma Watson will attend, along with Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench. There has been no other confirmation of this, so I would say it’s still a rumour. We’ll bring you more information if it becomes available.

Avril Lavigne, David Guetta and Demi Lovato Rock Y100's Jingle Ball 2011

While New York hosted Z100's Jingle Ball at its famed venue, Madison Square Garden on December 9, Florida was made merry with a similar holiday gig by Y100 on the next day. Avril Lavigne was one of the performers, and David Guetta as well as Demi Lovato, fresh off their headlining bill at the Big Apple concert, flew to the state to help spread the Christmas cheers.

Rocker chick Avril rocked a black cropped top, a pair of skinny leather pants as well as black-and-red heeled boots. Performing songs including the ones from her latest studio installment "Goodbye Lullaby", the girlfriend of Brody Jenner showed off acrobatic stage act at one point during the December 10 concert.

French disc jokey David kept the party going from behind his turntable by spinning a bunch of electro/dance beats. Lovato, meanwhile, alternated her set between pumping up the crowd with uplifting songs and slowed it down with the ballad melody of "Skyscraper". During one of her high-energy sets, she's accompanied by astronaut-helmed dancers.

Off stage, Lovato talked about her duet with Kelly Clarkson at the Z100 concert. To JustJared, she gushed, "She actually was backstage and she was like 'we should sing a duet together' and I was like 'of course, anything you want.' And then we basically came up with the idea to sing a Christmas carol together and it came in place yesterday. It was amazing, I was so excited."

The star-studded annual event took place at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise. The other musical guests at the Saturday night festive event included Flo Rida, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Neon Hitch and Karmin.

Paul Wesley's Wife Torrey DeVitto Set to Star in The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries will get a new cast addition to the show when it returns after its mid-season break on 5 January 2012. As stated in The Hollywood Reporter, Torrey Devitto, aka Mrs Paul Wesley will star in the show in season episodes 3.10 and 3.11. She will play Mary, a doctor who will be intrigued by Alaric's (Matt Davis) ability to return from the dead with the help of his magic ring, after she attends to him in hospital. There are rumours she may be cast in further episodes.

The couple tied the knot in NYC in April and Torrey sports a canary yellow diamond wedding ring. Torrey has peviously starred in One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, as well as having guest starring roles in CSI:Miami (TV) and Castle. This news comes hot on the heels that Ian Somerhalder and co-star Nina Dobrev are officially an item.

11 Dec 2011

Last nights's Lunar eclipse 10/12/2011

Kristen Stewart Beats Robert Pattinson as Hollywood's Biggest Bang for the Buck Star

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are Hollywood's number one, undisputed "biggest bang for the buck power duo." Together the Twilight Saga love birds can't be defeated--not even by the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In fact, the Breaking Dawn dynamic duo could probably only be dethroned by the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez--if the famous teen pair known as Jelena ever decide to co-star in a movie.

Yes, according to Forbes Magazine, for every $2 the studios invest in films starring R-Pattz and his lady-love, said studios make a combined profit of $95.40. Not bad. But what happens when the 2 romantically involved stars are rated separately. Oops. Kristen Stewart beats out Robert Pattinson, and she beats him rather badly. For every $1 K-Stew is paid in salary, she earns the studio a whopping $55.83 return on the investment. R-Pattz not so much. In fact, the Twilight heart-throb limps along behind his girlfriend, earning the studios a measly $39.43 return on every $1 they pay him.

However, Rob shouldn't feel bad. Kristen Stewart is Tinsel town's undisputed bang for the buck champ. She placed number one on Forbes' list, beating out such stars as Anne Hathaway ($45.67 return on investment), Daniel Radcliffe ($34.24) and loud-mouthed lout, Shia Labeouf ($29.40). Poor Rob came in third. Twihards who know about these things will wonder how that's possible since R-Pattz and K-Stew earn exactly the same salary per film. Not to mention the fact that they also star in the same films.

According to Forbes, the disparity occurred because Robert Pattinson " has had more extensive film credits" than his girlfriend. Kristen Stewart's "bang for the buck" evaluation was based solely on her 3 Twilight movies, but the magazine evaluated Robert Pattinson on the Twilight Saga plus Water for Elephants and Remember Me. Apparently, averaging it all out lowered his overall score.

So there you have it. You can click here to see how other stars measured up against R-Pattz and K-Stew in the "bang for the buck" competition.

Kim Hyun Joong - Lotte duty Free 2012 Calendar

Miley Cyrus Sexy at American Giving Awards (photos)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sunbathe In Mexico

Teenage lovers, singer Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted spending some lazy time, sunbathing in Mexico.

Gomez came to Mexico to walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid for her close friend, but she was seen soaking up the sunshine in Cabo, Mexico, reports dailymail.co.uk. The 19-year-old singer displayed her slim and trim figure in a stunning, bright aqua blue bikini as she lounged next to her Baby hitmaker boyfriend. Bieber, 17, seemed more than happy to capture his girlfriend and was seen taking her pictures. He was seen relaxing in a pair of cut-off denim shorts but also had a bandage on his left leg.

He was occasionally playing on his phone and was seen teasing Gomez, who stretched on to his lounger to see what he was doing. Gomez teamed her bright two-piece with a pair of hooped gold earrings for a chic poolside look.

10 Dec 2011

Muppets movie review

It’s been roughly 65 years since the Muppets first appeared, giving Jim Henson’s creations, collaborators, and artistic descendants plenty of time to learn their strengths. And they don’t disappoint in The Muppets, the latest film from the company, that is seen as a revival for the aging franchise. Every door slam, leaping pig, and flying chicken here is perfectly timed for maximum laughs; and the breezy film seems to squeeze in every musical number, celebrity cameo, and poignant moment necessary before coming to a satisfying ending.

Don’t be fooled by all the pictures of Jason Segal and Amy Adams on the posters- they might have large roles, but the true star of the film is Walter, an orange Muppet with a shock of dark hair and a powder blue suit, who is inexplicably the brother of the very human Gary (Segal).

Walter grows up worshiping the Muppets, but (similar to real life) the group has disbanded and lost their former glory. When he travels to LA and learns that an evil oilman is planning to tear down the Muppets’ old studio, Walter sets out to stage a Muppet reunion performance that will raise enough money to save the day.

The human performances are full of well-cast, punchy cameos. But Adams gives the true standout performance as Gary’s neglected sweetheart Mary, highlighting her musical theater roots. Her singing, dancing, and comedy chops are first class, and well above those of most Hollywood starlets thrust into musicals.

Underneath the save-the-day plot, The Muppets shows a solid internal journey, as Walter struggles to find his place in the world, and Gary realizes that he risks losing Mary if he doesn’t step up. (These plots lead to the showstopping power ballad, “Am I A Man, Or Am I A Muppet?)

Actually, I found all this coming-of-age too cloying in parts. While a real emotional story is what many big budget movies desperately need, the characters here seemed like they couldn’t go five minutes without a pregnant pause or “poignant moment” cued by appropriate piano music. And when did Kermit become such a sad sack? Of course, I still go crazy watching him sword fight in Muppet Treasure Island, so take that into account.

Overall, the movie wins with a mix of kid-friendly antics and smart jokes for grown-ups. And I’m looking forward to much more 80′s Robot in the next movie.

Arthur christmas movie review

Just watched this computer-animated holiday offering with my movie theatre-working friend. It's about the operation that goes into what makes a Santa Claus perfectly deliver all those presents to millions of children every Christmas Day from the North Pole with the help of millions of elves and the sons of this Christmas icon. But on this particular holiday, one present gets undelivered. So one of those sons-the title character-decides to make sure it gets to that person before she wakes up with the help of an elderly Santa from long ago and a particular strategic elf. I'll stop there and just say while some of the dialogue and jokes went too fast to confuse me a little, I did manage to laugh at what I did get and I was eventually touched when the inspiring climax came when it did. So on that note, Arthur Christmas gets a recommendation from me.

Happy feet two movie review

I was really looking forward to seeing this film and it did not disappoint. Although Happy Feet Two was not as good as its Oscar-winning predecessor, there were still plenty of toe-tapping moments. I liked the fact that the songs were recognizable. I am sure that L. L. Cool J is just tickled pink that they included his "Mama Said Knock You Out". In this film Mumble (Elijah Wood) is all grown up and learning how to be a better father to his son Erik (Ava Acres). Erik was just the cutest little thing and he pulls at your heart-strings right from the beginning. The main story line was a good one, but I think that I found the story between Bill the Krill (Matt Damon) and Will the Krill (Brad Pitt) even more entertaining. Those two had their own thing happening. I liked the way that the writer (George Miller) had two stories going on at the same time and the fact that they blended together in the end was excellent. I think that you have to have a lot going on to keep the attention of kids these days. I did not see this film in 3D, but you could tell by some of the scenes that the price of a 3D ticket might have been worth it for this film. The animation in this film was simply stunning. Animation has come a long way since Casper the Friendly ghost (I'm dating myself, huh?) Anyway, it was great. It was also refreshing to see the development of numerous female characters in this film such as Gloria (Pink) and Carmen (Sofia Vergara). I have to give props to the ladies. Robin William's character, Ramon had me cracking up throughout the film. It is not surprising that Robin really knows how to make his characters stand out since he has done numerous voice projects in the past (Genie in the Aladdin films, Dr. Know in A.I. and Fender in Robots). This film contains numerous life-lessons that I think that the target audience will understand (one person can make a difference, keep your promises, don't run away from home, etc.). If you enjoyed the first Happy Feet, then you will also enjoy this one (just not as much). Anyway, I say put on your dancing shoes, shake a tail feather and go out and see this film. I am giving this film a green light.

The Twilight saga: Breaking dawn movie review

A ‘Twihard’ fan may believe the release of this movie is once in a lifetime phenomenon, ever more so than 11.11.11!  Well, for them, the day has come. One of the most anticipated movies of the year, does it live up to the hype and the hoopla? For the bunch of Robert Pattinson freaks, yes. For the bunch of anti-twilighters… well who cares about them? Because if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already read the book, already booked the ticket and have already liked the movie before seeing it.

With Breaking Dawn Part 1, the directing responsibilities have passed from David Slade to Bill Condon. And we must admit that he, along with cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, have done a delightful job in keeping the twilight trademarks intact. From Bella and Edward’s fairytale wedding in the woods to their luxurious honeymoon on a private island, they definitely succeed in transporting you to a fantasy world.

The movie opens with Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) fulfilling their promise of getting married and starting their ‘eternal’ life together. After a romantic wedding ceremony and some funny toasts, Edward sweeps Bella off to the secluded Isle Esme near Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon. Sadly their honeymoon doesn’t last long, because soon they realise that Bella is pregnant with a half-human, half-vampire baby.

With no one wanting the child, including Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) and Edward himself, Bella not only has to fight to convince the two men she loves the most about the baby not being a demon; but she also has to fight the baby from preventing him/her from ‘blood’-sucking the life out of her.

Kudos to make up artists for transferring Bella from a beautiful bride to a skeletal zombie by the end of the film. Kudos to the director for keeping the movie virtually free of foul language, drinking, and smoking (unlike other teen movies). And of course a big highlight is the wedding scene when Bella is a  nervous wreck while walking down the line, but all her worries and jitters disappear the second she sees Edward’s smiling face. Their soul-deep connection is such that however cynical you are, for that one moment even you will believe in ‘forever love’ and a ‘happily ever after’.

Puss in boots movie review

The notorious outlaw Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas), also known as the Gingerhead Man, Chupacabra, the Furry Lover and Frisky Two Times, wasn't always a legend – he had humble origins at a poor orphanage in San Ricardo. It was there that he was taken in by the kindhearted, motherly Imelda (Constance Marie) and befriended by Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis), a forward-thinking, inventive dreamer with wild ideas of locating magical beans that could raise an enormous beanstalk to transport them to the castle of a giant. Awaiting them would be peril, glory, and a golden goose that lays solid gold eggs. Their childhood quest was fruitless, however, and instead they both started down a path of petty thievery – until a tragic night separated them for more than a decade.

During the Festival of the Fire celebration, Puss in Boots is approached by Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek), a highly skilled burglar, swordswoman, dancer and seducer, to aid in the recovery of the genuine magic beans. Her boss is Humpty Dumpty, and although Puss reluctantly agrees to join the group, he refuses to forgive the over-sized egg for the past events that split them up. The first step in their plan is to acquire the glowing green legumes from the repugnant duo Jack (Billy Bob Thornton) and Jill (Amy Sedaris), which could be so dangerous they might not be able to proceed further.

You'd think that Puss' clunky boots would interfere with his ability to always land on his feet, scale buildings, and engage in all sorts of swashbuckling activities, but instead they're a significant part of the visual comedy and character design that makes the film such a striking work. There are also plenty of cute cat jokes and gags that contrast Puss' ferociousness with his diminutive frame and preference for gently lapping leche with his tiny tongue (along with his signature eye-swelling, hypnotic negotiating). A particularly funny dance fight, inspired editing to mimic live action movie-making, Dumpty's hilariously awkward image and background cats with strange voices ("Ohhh Cat" by Robert Persichetti Jr. being the best) are all elements that showcase the creators' clever artistry.

The laughs are mostly derived from situational comedy that makes Puss in Boots more universal than Shrek's pop-culture-heavy referential skits. The script edges in adult content too, subtly hinting at sexual innuendo, inappropriate tattoos, drugs, egg genitalia and nudity (completely inconspicuous to children), as well as darker themes of betrayal, imprisonment and death. But its overt adorableness subdues any negativity. The animation itself is of a superlative quality and the level of fast-paced action is superior to the last couple of Shrek sequels, with awe-inspiring visuals, complex stunts and truly suspenseful adventure, smartly utilizing a supporting role that never once hinted at the irritating nature of Donkey. Puss in Boots definitely deserved a film of his own and the lack of Shrek doesn't diminish the entertainment value in the least.