12 Dec 2011


Whilst visiting Hong Kong with Lancôme, the Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, has offered some sage advice to teenagers everywhere.


Emma Watson'sown adolescence was a far cry from that of any ordinary teenagers with eight Harry Potter films and a few modelling contracts thrown in for good measure.

But Emma hasn't let that stop her from offering some wise words to other youngsters.

During a trip to Hong Kong as the face of Lancôme, Miss Watson has emphasised the importance of 'feeling comfortable' in your own skin to teens everywhere.

The 21-year-old actress turned fashionista cut off her locks last year to rebel against her Harry Potter character Hermione's good-girl image.

Watson also revealed that her make-up routine has become more 'experimental' since she went for the chop and donned a pixie crop. She told fans how much she was enjoying opting for more bold and daring looks.

The Oxford University student offered her best advice to young fans and teenagers, saying:

'Be true to who you are and do the best to feel comfortable in your own skin. You are all right exactly as you are.'

Watson admitted at the premiere of her latest film My Week with Marilyn, that juggling her University timetable, acting and promotional work had been difficult.

Trying to keep track of her busy schedule, Emma compared her hectic lifestyle to that of Marilyn Monroe's: ‘I certainly feel a lot for her and what she went through.'

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