10 Dec 2011

The Twilight saga: Breaking dawn movie review

A ‘Twihard’ fan may believe the release of this movie is once in a lifetime phenomenon, ever more so than 11.11.11!  Well, for them, the day has come. One of the most anticipated movies of the year, does it live up to the hype and the hoopla? For the bunch of Robert Pattinson freaks, yes. For the bunch of anti-twilighters… well who cares about them? Because if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already read the book, already booked the ticket and have already liked the movie before seeing it.

With Breaking Dawn Part 1, the directing responsibilities have passed from David Slade to Bill Condon. And we must admit that he, along with cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, have done a delightful job in keeping the twilight trademarks intact. From Bella and Edward’s fairytale wedding in the woods to their luxurious honeymoon on a private island, they definitely succeed in transporting you to a fantasy world.

The movie opens with Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) fulfilling their promise of getting married and starting their ‘eternal’ life together. After a romantic wedding ceremony and some funny toasts, Edward sweeps Bella off to the secluded Isle Esme near Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon. Sadly their honeymoon doesn’t last long, because soon they realise that Bella is pregnant with a half-human, half-vampire baby.

With no one wanting the child, including Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) and Edward himself, Bella not only has to fight to convince the two men she loves the most about the baby not being a demon; but she also has to fight the baby from preventing him/her from ‘blood’-sucking the life out of her.

Kudos to make up artists for transferring Bella from a beautiful bride to a skeletal zombie by the end of the film. Kudos to the director for keeping the movie virtually free of foul language, drinking, and smoking (unlike other teen movies). And of course a big highlight is the wedding scene when Bella is a  nervous wreck while walking down the line, but all her worries and jitters disappear the second she sees Edward’s smiling face. Their soul-deep connection is such that however cynical you are, for that one moment even you will believe in ‘forever love’ and a ‘happily ever after’.

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