26 Jun 2011

Bonnie Wright AKA Ginny weasly of Harry potter

Of all the characters in the Harry Potter series, Ginny Weasley's transformation over the course of seven books might be the most dramatic—at first a shy little girl with a crush on her big brother's best friend, she ends up a self-possessed wizard fully capable of holding her own against some of the most powerful dark forces in her world (and of hanging onto Harry Potter's heart, to boot). And of all the actors chosen to portray Harry Potter's young characters in the blockbuster series of film adaptations, Bonnie Wright's transformation over the course of the last decade rivals only Emma Watson's as the most surprising: now 21, she's a stunning, eloquent young woman whose career is sure to last long beyond the Potter franchise.

The last Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, comes out July 15; we caught Wright in a time of transition, between finishing shooting it and heading to Jakarta to shoot her next feature, The Philosophers. She took some time out to talk to us about Ginny, her family, her costars, and her future.

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