24 Jun 2011

save water. its simple!!

·        Turn the tap off when not in use especially when you brush your teeth or wash clothes.  Avoid leakage of water from the taps.
·        Rainwater harvesting is the another method to conserve water.
·        The water supply should be limited in those areas which enjoys the unlimited water supplies.
·        Check the leakage of water in the toilets. Also get check the hidden water leaks.
·        Educate the mind of the people in the rural areas to save the water.
·        Promote the conservation of water through media and wall posters.
·        Never throw the water unnecessary on roads which can be used for gardening and cleaning.
·        Avoid unnecessary flushing the toilets. Dispose off the tissues, cigarettes and other waste into the bin instead of toilets.
·        Use minimum amount of water to bath.
·        Water Waste restrictions.
·        Improvement in the water distribution system.
·        Water your lawn only when it is needed.
·        Use a broom instead of hose to clean the sidewalks or to wash the car.
·        Capture the water that is leaking and repair it as soon as possible.
·        You can use washing machine to wash clothes that does not consume much water.
·        Donot leave the tap running while washing the dishes in the kitchen.
·        Install small shower heads to reduce the flow of water.

Benefits to Conserve water :
·        If you save water it can save your money bills.
·        Reduction in interior water use cuts waste water flows, especially overflowing of gutters which contaminates the environment.
·        Environment benefits include eco system and habitat protection.
·        Water conservation helps in improving the quality of your drinking water.

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