23 Jun 2011

Justin Bieber Burns All His Used Pants!

This is a tad over the top don’t you think? According to The Sun, Justin Bieber has had that much trouble with fans trying to steal his dirty undies that he just burns them all to stop them getting their filthy paws on his filthy drawers!
A hotel employee in Canada was recently caught with a pair of Justin’s tighty whitey’s in her purse  so Bieber’s team now have a “burn bag” to shove them all in until bonfire time!
We can understand wanting to see Bieber in his pants but wanting to own his worn pants? That’s a little bit gross. Even we wouldn’t cross that line. And we can be pretty disgusting.
We feel a little bit sorry for the person who has to look after the burn bag. We can’t imagine carrying round a bag of used underwear is much fun, even if does belong to the mighty Bieber.

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