29 Jun 2011

Taylor Swift Shines in Foxborough

It was a two-night love story between Taylor Swift and her fans that ended Sunday night at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.
Country music sensation Swift, who performed at Gillette, her first large-scale venue last year, returned to Foxborough June 25-26 for another spectacular, over the top show.
Swift, a four-time Grammy award winner, led fans through the pages of her diary during her high energy, two-hour performance. Tales of first love, lost love and best friends were displayed through numerous costume changes, set design and two firework displays. 
Sparks flew as Swift opened her show with the number “Sparks Fly” from her current “Speak Now” album. Swift, dressed in a glittery gold dress, emerged from the middle of her runway in cloud of smoke with gold fireworks bursting behind her above the stage.
The opening act left jaws hanging as fans quickly realized the show was going to be much more than your typical country concert. Swift was silent after her first number, clearly soaking in what must have been an unbelievable moment for her – performing in front of over 100,000 fans in two days. 
“Foxborough is the first place that I realized it was a possibility to play for [over 100,000] people in two days,” said Swift. 
Entertainment was plentiful, as Swift incorporated Broadway, ballet, tap dancing, and an array of musical instruments into her show.
Hints of Broadway shined through during the “Story of Us,” which was performed on a grand staircase with a group of talented dancers, to an “old school” themed tap dancing performance during a costume change for Swift. The song “Speak Now,” was played out with a wedding on stage, telling the tale of a wedding being interrupted when the preacher asks for any objections. 
Swift’s costume changes elaborated the Broadway look from glamorous gowns, ruffled, vintage costumes and glitzy short dresses.
The show slowed down as Swift performed her more delicate songs, “Last Kiss” and “Fearless,” on a purple and white, revolving lighted tree in the middle of the stadium.
The show ended like any real love story – memorable and thrilling. Swift ended the show with her hit song "Love Story," in which she soared above the audience on a “Romeo and Juliet” style balcony structure.
Swift, although young, has catapulted herself into the music history books. A humbled Swift spoke very little during her show, compared to many new generation performers, simply letting her music speak for her. She paused the show for three minutes after the first act to repeatedly thank the crowd for their support.
“My time in Foxborough, Massachusetts will be filed under one of the greatest times in my life,” said Swift.

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