24 Jun 2011


Here. Now you can download your favourite flash videos or youtube videos without nay effort.
If you are using Firefox as your browser then here you got it. All you have to do is go to this website and add the 'video downloadhelper' plugin to your Firefox.

Steps to follow:
1. Go to this site 
2. Click on the addon button
3. Install it when it prompts you to.
4. Restart the browser when asked.
5. While you watch the video just click on this plugin in the Browser menu to download.
You can Download in any format you like.

If you are not using Firefox or dont like firefox, there's another method too.
You have to download a software called "Flash Video and game recorder"

What to do?
1. Download the software from here
2.Install it on your system
3. Run it before you open the video you wanna record
4. It automatically records while you watch it.

P.S. It also records flash video games too.


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