29 Jun 2011

Selena Gomez likes playing a snoot

As if Selena Gomez doesn’t have enough on her plate: In her new movie Monte Carlo, out Friday, the Disney star plays dual roles.   
Gomez, 18, stars as Gracie, who takes a trip to Paris with her friends Meg ( Leighton Meester) and Emma ( Katie Cassidy). While sightseeing at the Eiffel Tower, they look down to see their tour bus has taken off. They end up using the restroom at a fancy hotel, where Gracie is mistaken for her British doppelgänger, a snooty socialite. The three pals decide to go along and live Cordelia Scott’s cushy life for a few days.  
Gomez loved dressing up. 
  “All the clothes! I feel like the wardrobe is another reason to see the movie,’’ said Gomez, who was at the Four Seasons Miami Hotel doing press. “I love that we incorporate fashion. Some of the looks . . . I was just blown away.’’  
The scenery wasn’t too shabby, either. 
“Oh my goodness, we shot in Hungary and Paris and Monte Carlo,’’ she recounted. “It was amazing: the beautiful places, the culture, food. Katie, Leighton and I had a great time. We would always go out and walk around.’’  
A few things Selena won’t miss. “Wearing Cordelia’s high heels was sooo painful,’’ said Gomez, who also had to attempt to be sporty. “I can ride horses but was horrible at playing polo.’’ 
Switching between down-to-earth Gracie, who wore casual clothes and a bit of mascara, and Cordelia, with red lips and a tight updo, wasn’t easy, either.  
“It’s hard to interact with myself,’’ explained the Wizards of Waverly Place star. “Also my stand-in was Hungarian and didn’t speak English that well. That was really unpredictable.’’  
To prepare, Gomez read stacks of Hello! magazines. But a lot of the character was improvised.  
“It was really on me to do things to make the two separate,’’ said the Texas native. “But it’s cool to play over the top and something different for me and my fans.’’  
Speaking of fans, Gomez has quite a few. Last week, she did an appearance at Miami International Mall and almost caused a riot. But she relishes giving back to all those who have followed her music and acting career.  
“It’s still thrilling to see all those people. It takes my breath away.’’  
Didn’t get to the mall? Gomez will be back in town at Mizner Park July 28 to kick off a summer tour to promote her third album, When the Sun Goes Down.   
Despite a recent hospitalization for malnutrition and exhaustion — plus being in a (rumored) relationship with the biggest tween heartthrob on the planet, Justin Bieber — she’s game.  
“The lyrics are cheeky and fun, and it’s very inspirational,’’ she said. “I feel like I’m getting a little older, and it’s fun to experiment.’’ 

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