24 Jun 2011

Taylor swift behind the scenes tour video

 Taylor Swift has been busy with her world tour and she is ready to share what it is like behind the scenes. She allowedM magazine to follow her behind one of her recent tour stops in Europe. You will find the video of it located at the bottom of this post.
Taylor has been known as one of the few stars who still uses social media as a big part of her job. While having a magazine follow and film you does count for something. It may be the second best thing than actually following her in person. It cannot replace the real deal, but at least it does provide us an idea of what it like for her or any star,
I love the fact that Taylor wants to keep her fans in the loop. It seems so important to her to provide her fans little odds and ends of her life or personality. I really think she could teach most of todays stars a thing or 2 about sharing with fans. She knows how to keep her personal details away from the spotlight and still keep her fans in the loop. I am not sure how she does it, but she does a fabulous job at keeping the balls in the air


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