26 Jun 2011

Miley Cyrus Attacked On Stage At Melbourne Concert!

Breaking News: Just minutes ago teen superstar Miley Cyrus was noticeably shaken up after being tackled by an overexcited fan at her concert in Melbourne, Australia. 

During the final chords of 'The Climb' an unidentified female fan ran across the face of the stage to the far side where Miley was standing, and attempted to tackle her from behind. Miley was knocked forward but managed to keep her footing, while security pounced on her attacker and aggressively took her away. 

Miley was held in the arms of her bodyguard and taken off stage with her back turned, looking pretty freaked out about what had happened. 

After an anxious wait, Miley returned to the stage and joked "I've never been so thankful for my crazy fans." 

"She jumped from the very back row all the way to the front of the stage and tackled me!"

Miley managed to get through the set and despite the actions of one stupid fan... was able to finish off the set in blistering fashion. A true professional. 

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