25 Jun 2011

The NO.1 K-Popstar Kim Hyun Joong leaves a message!!

Probably Kim Hyun Joong is the only N0.1popstar in the whole world who cares more about his fans than about being N0.1 all the time. Come on! How many stars out there who doesn't want his fans to buy more n more albums to make him N0.1?
So many fans are buying more than one album to keep our star Kim Hyun Joong at number one position.
Which made Hyun Joong to leave this message---

                        Rough Translation from howlovelylala

"be a cool man.. (be cool) I like NO.1 but it will be gone someday. 
be ONLY One. REALLY... I don't want you girls to get too many albums.
Just, like now ... Even thought it won't last for eternity.. (it's )only a moment, it's great we have sharing memories.ㅋㅋ
You know that???? your No.1 is not only for me but can be for us.
I told you??? I told you long time ago, ㅋㅋremember that, always... 
(I told you) I would protect you girls. Being protected well?????ㅋ

HOnestly, his care towards his fans is also one of the things which makes it very hard not to fall for him. Isn't it? ^_^

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