24 Jun 2011

Nintendo Wii U – One Console, Multiple Screens

Are you a gamer?? Then this is the article for you..Nintendo, the multinational gaming corporation is here with a new gaming console..

Freshly announced, the Wii U is the newest kid on the console block with new tricks up its sleeve. What’s new is basically a touchscreen tablet with game controller buttons that allows for gaming using multiple screens involving both the TV and the touchscreen display right on the Wii U’s controller itself.

The usage of the screens depends on how the game developers want their games to be played. Some games may require both the TV screen and the handheld screen which can be used to enhance various aspects of the game, while some only need either the TV or just the tablet itself. Ultimately, the goal is to provide the most fun in a new and exciting way for gamers. Using only the handheld mode, it will also free up the TV screen for the rest of the family while the hardcore gamer simply plays on the handheld tablet on the couch, even on the bed.

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