28 Nov 2012

Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume manga review

English: Happy Cafe
Synonyms: Shiawase Kissa 3-choume, Suitei Seinen Shoujo, Hana to Ageha, Natsu, Number One DX, Sora no Namae
Type: Manga
Volumes: 15
Chapters: 82
Status: Finished
Published: 2005 to 2009
Genres: Comedy, Shoujo
Authors: Matsuzuki, Kou (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume

Shiawase kiss sanchoume is the kind of manga that makes you..Happy. It's a pretty slow romance story though. But it really contains much comedy, that when your parents see you they might thought you are crazy laughing infront of the computer. ;D.

Uru is a very short girl and is constantly mistaken for an elementary school kid, but despite that, she is ridiculously strong and decides to live by herself after her mother gets remarried. She ends up working at a small cafe with two rather unique co-workers, Shindou, who acts gruff and intimidating, but who is really a nice guy who loves to make cakes and pies and the like, and Ichirou, who is really good-looking but who instantly falls asleep when he gets hungry and doesn't wake up again until he's force-fed something? What will the future bring to them?

Uru is a cheerful and kind person whose personality matches her looks perfectly. She is an only child who was raised by her single mom. For her, happiness is the most important thing and she is always thinking about others and their own happiness. Uru is sensitive, although (innocently) oblivious at times, and, even though she has sad times, as the death of her father when she was 3, she holds them with a smile and keeps her unstoppable positive attitude, and will absolutely not bother others.

Shindou works in Cafe Bonheur and everyone knows his usual grumpy face. He takes care of the shop while the manager, his adoptive dad, is out travelling. He disciplinates looks after Uru and Ichirou, the cash register and bakes the cakes.

Although Shindou always keeps his tough face, he had a sad past, having been abandoned by his mother when he was a child, and this still haunts him. Gladly, his adoptive father is an incredibly doting parent and Shindou admires him and thinks of him as a model to follow, the reason why he turned into a baker, to make people happy like his dad made him when baking and giving him cake; it was like magic.
This proud and stubborn person will never admit how he is fond of Uru and Ichirou.

chirou works part-time at Cafe Bonheur since he was 16. His habit of constantly getting asleep unless fed, allegedly due to his metabolism, doesn’t make him the perfect helper. Not that he tries, too.
Ichirou is a calm and gentle person, who likes to bluntly tease Shindou and Uru while keeping his constant neutral face. They are very precious to him, and he is much caring of Uru. In spite of his enigmatic and ludicrous attitude, Ichirou is sensible and sharp detecting other’s emotions.

What makes this manga interesting besides the romance blooming is the humor. This is a very funny manga. Gags are present everywhere such as this one (please refer the picture on the left.) Where Uru realized where she previously saw Mitsuka but didn’t want to make a big scene. The humor is just as well done as the romance, which is saying something

The artwork is also very good, making a “triple threat”, so to speak. Referring the picture on the right, we see the three different drawing styles the mangaka uses

This manga combines a great romance story with excellent humor and equally well done art.  Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume is a great romance and comedy manga definitely worth reading.

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