28 Nov 2012

The possession movie review

The film title pretty much says it all. Years after The Exorcist (1973) was made, filmmakers still seek inspiration from the horror classic. What distinguishes 'The Possession' from 'The Exorcist' is merely the mention of demons in Judaism. Barring the Jewish angle, The Possession, too is about a young girl who's been possessed by a mysterious evil spirit.

The girl starts displaying bouts of violent and bizarre behaviour. Her divorced parents fail to decode her dilemma and evidences of demonic possession. The father ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan), however, senses trouble eventually and wages war against the demon, seeking help of a Jewish exorcist (played by reggae-pop star Matisyahu). Will the demon let go of the girl?

The Possession is high on suspense. It even manages to keep you engaged throughout with its haunting background score and quaint big houses. The actors do a fine job. The very young Natasha Calis is extremely convincing.

The film, however, is low on originality and pace. Bornedal's storytelling drags and gets repetitive, thus diluting moments which could have been scarier. The suspense unfolds a bit too late for it to be too creepy. Tracks like the parents being divorced and the girl vomiting bugs seem cliched.

The Possession is Jewish Exorcist. It's gripping but lacks novelty.


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