22 Sep 2011

Kristen Stewart Makes a Hot Vampire, According to Taylor Lautner

Kristen Stewart definitely has legions of fans who no doubt consider her to be a pretty sultry vampire in The Twilight Saga. Of course, her on-screen and off-screen love interest, Robert Pattinson, has that sexy heart-throb reputation going for himself, too. Now that the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn installment is a mere two months from its big première, there is more and more buzz each day with sneak peek film stills, photos, and beyond—all of which qualify as pretty steamy.

Another person who counts Stewart as a stunning vampire? Her Twilight co-star and good friend Taylor Lautner, who carries his own hefty hunk card as well. He plays werewolf Jacob Black in the series and has long been at the one end of the highly debated battle between Team Jacob versus Team Edward (Robert Pattinson). In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Lautner ventured to compliment Kristen Stewart, saying, "[Bella is] pretty hot [as a vampire]! Pretty hot, I've gotta admit it." He must not be worried about any retaliation from Pattinson. His is just platonic admiration and friendly support anyway.

The Abduction actor didn't leave Twi-hards hanging either; in the interview, he also commented on the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie. In fact, he positively gushed about the flick, which he's had the opportunity to preview. "To be honest, I was blown away! It's going to be very exciting for the fans to see this one. It's the same characters, but in a completely different light," he said, according to Celebuzz.

But, there's more! Taylor Lautner hasn't just referred to Kristen Stewart as a "hot" vampire. In another recent interview, he called her "cute," specifically when the sometimes reserved and publicly awkward actress gets nervous and shy. And he's even been very supportive of Stewart's spin on Snow White, a character his rumored girlfriend, Lily Collins, is also playing in a separate movie.

Team Jacob, Team Edward, or both, one thing's certain: Lautner is Team Kristen Stewart all the way.

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