19 Sep 2011

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's Mom Wear Same Dress

Selena Gomez has been photographed wearing a dress that Justin Bieber's mom also wore (but at least Justin wasn't spotted wearing his mom's jeans).
Poor Justin recently caused quite a media sensation by admitting that he wears women's jeans because they fit him so well, so he's got to be relieved that his girlfriend is the one being targeted by the fashion police this time.
Selena committed the copycat crime at the Georgia Hall Of Fame Awards, where she sported an adorable little black dress covered with lace detail. The sleeveless cocktail dress was rather conservative up top with a turtleneck, but it also showed off plenty of leg. Selena Gomez probably chose the dress because it was the perfect combination of sexy and sweet, but it's also the perfect dress for a slightly older woman like Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber's mom), who probably liked the dress because of its slimming black color and because it doesn't show too much skin.
According to The Hot Hits (which features a "who wore it better?" photo), Pattie wore the dress to the LA premiere of Never Say Never, long before Selena Gomez rocked it on the red carpet. So are Justin Bieber's mom and Selena Gomez already close enough that they're starting to share clothes? This kind of seems like every boyfriend's worst nightmare, because most guys do not want their girlfriend to morph into their mom (even one like Pattie Mallette who obviously did a lot to help Justin get to where he is today).
Of course it would be rather crazy if Justin's mom is sharing clothes with Selena, but it's almost even crazier that the super-rich pop princess somehow managed to choose a dress that her boyfriend's mom has been photographed in. After all, Selena's star status means that she has an unlimited number of red carpet options to choose from. However, it is possible that she and Justin Bieber's mom have the same stylist (although said stylist would have made quite a big mistake by dressing them alike).

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