18 Sep 2011

Emma Covers Elle France

Ever since she was Harry Potter’s friend, every girl has dreamt of being like her. Let’s admit that her ravishing smile and her freshness on the Lancome campaign are irresistible. Meet the new Lady Liberty/Beauty.
It’s 4 pm. Music has been on and really loud since 10 am, and 21 year old Emma Watson is jumping up and down along a song by the Talking Heads. This morning, it was on Rihanna and Fleetwood Mac. She took her iPad with her so we could put on her playlist. Not once she complains or sighs. None of the things usual teenagers do does she do it too, apart from sticking her nose on her iPad during meals. She knows how to work. It is said that she was diagnosed with hyeractivity when in elementary school. Even her look/eye is lively, sparkling: there’s so much smart in this young person. The shooting is over, everyone applaudes. I begin to wonder how I’m going to interview her with AC/DC full on, when she suggests finding a quiet place for us. Change of atmosphere. Here we are downstairs from the studio, silently eating strawberries. Nice. I look at her differently now. A few little spots on her forehead. The line of her eyebrows. The length of her lashes. Her perfect teeth. Here is Emma Watson, famous everywhere in the world since the age of 12. Cover of Teen Vogue at 15. Her handprints on Hollywood sidewalk at 18. Her best-dressed-of-2010 status (according to the British “Glamour”). Her status of most bankable actress of the decade. A tremedous fortune in the bank for a year now. Her own brand of clothes for teenagers, Love from Emma. So many fans that even Lancome, who recruited her to be the image of fragrance Tresor Midnight Rose, is surprised. In the last fortnight, the model has had 15 millions articles on the internet.

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