6 Sep 2011

Stewart makes a move into music

Stewart makes a move into music
(UKPA) – 3 hours ago  
Kristen Stewart has made her debut in Marcus Foster's music video.
The Twilight star steals the show in the black and white video accompanying the British singer-songwriter's debut single, I Am Broken, where she is seen looking sultry, with her dark hair blowing around her shoulders.
But film fans needn't worry that the 21-year-old is considering a change of career.
Marcus's track, Let Me Sign, was actually featured in the first Twilight film with her co-star Robert Pattinson singing the vocals, and it is rumoured that R-Patz - who went to school with the singer - made the introductions.
"I called in favours. I'm really lucky," Marcus told the Evening Standard.
Marcus, who has been playing in pubs and bars for the past 10 years, will release his single on September 19, with his first album Nameless Path on September 26.

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