20 Sep 2011


For a bit of local flavor at some of her Speak Now tour dates, Taylor Swift has been covering songs from popular artists hailing from a handful of metropolitan areas: Bon Jovi in New Jersey and Eminem in Detroit, among others. Swift did Nashville on Friday, but rather than invite or cover a popular country star, she brought on Hayley Williams of Paramore for a duet of “That’s What You Get.”

About bringing other artists on stage, the “You Belong to Me” singer told the Tennessean in an interview: “Bringing up special guests is something that I really like doing for the fans, because I want them to get so much out of deciding to spend their night at my show. I want them to leave going, 'Wow, we really made the [right] choice by spending our Saturday night there.' It means a lot to me that people make plans to go and see my show. It's such a big commitment to go and buy tickets and go through the hassle of waiting in traffic, finding parking, waiting in lines, waiting in more lines and buying t-shirts. The fact that thousands of people are willing to make that commitment, it really resonates with me. I want them to get as much out of the show as they possibly can, so if I have artists that I'm a fan of and they happen to be friends, or even if I don't know them, I'll reach out to them and ask if they're in town, and see if they want to come out and sing for my crowd. It's so much fun, both for my crowd and for me, to have people come out and surprise the audience.”

Recently, Hayley Williams also admitted that Paramore has started recording new material: "We're stoked everyone has been loving the videos from our short run on the Warped tour this summer. We noticed a lot of you asking about the intro music and where it was from and we are happy to tell you it's a new song entitled ‘Renegade’! […] Back in March, we recorded a handful of songs (including ‘Monster’) with Rob Cavallo which we promised we'd get to you this year. Renegade is the first song of the three that are left to be released."

If you didn’t have a chance to catch the Nashville date of the Speak Now tour, watch Swift and Williams’ duet below:

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