6 Sep 2011

Apollo 18 movie review

Found-footage thrillers have been a constant presence in movie theaters ever since The Blair Witch Project essentially created the sub-genre in 1999. From the Paranormal Activity franchise to Cloverfield, Evil Things and this year’s Atrocious, the concept of watching “actual” horror unfold before our eyes has been tantalizing.

Is there room for one more found-footage film?

Apollo 18 doesn’t make the best case that this sub-genre is alive and well. The film is never boring, but it doesn’t convince the viewer that this footage is worth the effort. It also fails to answer a rather important question: Why don’t these guys drop the camera and focus more on surviving?

Kudos to the director for sticking to the graininess of the film and attempting to build some suspense. But a movie like this is only as good as its gimmick, and in that department, this mission fails.

Trailer here:

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