20 Sep 2011

Kelis, Kristen Stewart, and Eliza Doolittle at the Mulberry party!

'I've just seen somebody exit the building with at least fifteen animals attached to them,' laughed Henry Holland at the Mulberry party last night. He was of course talking about the menagerie of balloon animals - zebras, tigers and giraffes - that festooned the walls of Claridges ballroom for last night's party.  

With a retro British seaside theme (a leitmotif that seems to be running through a few events this fashion week). guests at the party - always one of the hottest tickets at lfw - were treated to mulberry swirl ice creams from a van, peach margarita slushies served by men in shorts and pastel aprons, and a series of seaside games to keep them amused.

We spotted Amber le Bon and Ben Grimes having a decent go of the grabber machine to try and win a Mulberry teddy, some of which were even wearing Mulberry jewellery. There was a long queue for the photo booth and we got ours taken with the gorgeous actress Hayley Atwell. 'I look ridiculous!' she chuckled at the seaside tableau of muscle men and women, with our faces popping out. Strangely though, she didn't look half as ridiculous as the rest of us.

No Mulberry party is complete without a rousing performance from a trendy band and this was no different, with The Hurts managing to pack out the dancefloor for their set. Absent from the dance floor however was one Miss Kristen Stewart who chose the safety of a back room to hang out with Kelis and probably have her fill of a few fish and chips while there.

We bumped into Eliza Doolittle - showing off an unbelievable figure in a tiny body con dress - as she made her way out the door holding an inflatable animal aloft. 'The thing I love about Mulberry is it's all about fun,' she said, 'they make incredible accessories that you know are going to last for years, but you also know you're going to have a lot of fun with them.'

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