26 Jan 2013

Parfait tic manga review

Synonyms: Parfait Tic
Type: Manga
Volumes: 22
Chapters: 149
Status: Finished
Published: 2000 to 2007
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo
Authors: Nanaji, Nagamu (Story)
Serialization: Margaret

I was pretty surprised how much I really got into it too!  First off, the art is GREAT!  And this one was like, blatantly <3-triangle, spelled out in the first chapter.  But I never, for a moment, doubted whether or not Fuuko liked the cousins.  The relationships are really REALLY well done.  There's nothing rushed about it.
Fuuko is a happy and cheerful girl. One day, two cousins, Daiya and Ichi, move into the apartment upstairs. Cold Ichi and mischievous Daiya gave a very bad first impression. All three are going to the same school as well. How will Fuuko's high school life turn out?

I found this story to be extremely interesting and realistic. Usually in manga, the girl falls in love with a guy and stays with him and eventually moves on to the second guy and stays with him permanently if it's a love triangle. However, this manga portrays life- girls that are unsettled on their love. The truth is, we don't understand our hearts and our love interests tend to change as well. The same happens with the female protagonist of Parfait Tic, Fuuko. 

She's uncertain as to her feelings for Daiya and Ichi. And Daiya and Ichi are so lovable as well. Of course, the male protagonists are clichéd. You have Daiya, the fun, lively, and funny one who's in danger of failing school. He appeals to the fun-loving Fuuko chan and she takes a liking to him. And then on the other hand, you have the cold Ichi kun, the smart one who doesn't take any nonsense. He's more secretive and has a lot more complexity to his character than Daiya. However, when push comes to shove, he too has feelings for Fuuko. It's a battle between the cousins for Fuuko's love. Who will win? 

The only flaw with this series is its length. I feel like some parts are dragged out way too long...especially with Fuuko when she's rejected by one guy and has to learn how to move on...or when she's confused about her feelings for one or more of them. It gets annoying when you need to plow through 10+ painful chapters of her feeling remorse and depression when she sees the face of the guy that she used to like and now has to learn to act normal with. It was extremely annoying and repetitive, especially since this cycle of like, love, express feelings, get rejected repeats two/three times. And the guys...at times I felt like they were being cowards, Ichi mostly. He acted like a spoiled brat rather than that masculine shojo male figure girl's look up to. He doubted himself and he caused Fuuko to feel pain...now that does happen in manga, but it takes him forever to realize his mistake and his true feelings. But then again I think it takes time to over come issues in real life too right?

It's very cutesy, typical shoujo. I LOVE the facial expressions though, especially chibi versions. Overall, the artwork is visually appealing, but I enjoy it most for its comedy. I will definitly recommend it if you are for unrequited love or for love triangles. GAH I wish the series will end soon because it's taking forever. I think I know who she ends up with so for those of you who have read up to chapter 114 [because I'm updating myself with onemanga.com], there's probably a final arc where she will switch her love interest to the other guy [don't want to mention any names], and I think that'll be the conclusion of the story...or so I hope.
Anyhow, definitely a cute one to read so try it and see for yourself :D