1 Apr 2014

The Lego Movie review

Most people would be sceptical about this movie, especially since the last movie to be based on a game/toy franchise bombed at the box office (Yes, I'm talking about Battleship). But the film is far more than it appears to be. On the surface, it may appear to consist solely of the little blocks that we all played with as kids, bringing in a sense of nostalgia right from the bat. But the movie genuinely has all the things it needs to have to be a commercial and critical success - a great and entertaining story-line, a fantastic voice over cast, smart and witty dialogues, and some of the best animation to come around in a while.

The story-line revolves around Emmett (Chris Pratt), a painfully normal guy with a normal job, a normal routine and a normal life. One day he meets a pretty girl Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and gets wrapped in a rebellion against President Business (Will Ferrell) to save the world. Now, the concept might not be the freshest - average guy learning he has the power to save the world, but what The Lego Movie does is not try to overcome the stereotypes, it embraces them. Sure, there are family moments, hilarious jokes, a love story, the overcoming of trials and tribulations - but in the end, all of this unfolds in a different way.

The cast consisting of A-Listers and your favourites from the small screen deliver brilliant performances as the tiny block characters. The film is riddled with pop-culture references, subtle humour and of course a whole bunch of characters that you will recognise, including Superman, Green Lantern, Abraham Lincoln, Gandalf, Wonder Woman and of course Batman.

Overall the movie is a brilliant mix of all the elements that you'd expect from a good entertaining film.


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