15 Mar 2013

Nina Dobrev's On-Camera Is Perfected With Tips From Her MOTHER!!

The tantalizing TV starlet took her fabulousness to Conan last night, and you won't believe what she said!
If you've watched her delightfully deviant dramz about vexing vampires sucking sweet blood and making sweet love, this won't be much of a shock, but Nina says she's gotten down with each of her co-stars!!
She revealed:
"I'm pretty sure I've made out with every guy on the show. As my character, of course!"

If that sounds uncomfortable, though, you'll NEVER believe what Nina admitted next!
She continued:
"The awkwardness and the weirdness is when my mom comes to set and I have to do a sex scene or something. That can get kind of weird, but what's even weirder is when I come off set and she starts giving me notes: 'Arch your back more. It'll look sexier if you arch your back.' We're close!"

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