6 Mar 2013

Selena Gomez Shoots New Music Video

Selena Gomez is trying to make herself seem more of an adult and scrape away her Disney past, but is this latest reveal a little much?

Selena has decided to look ASS-tronomical in her new music video, where her retro style revealed a bit of her butt cheeks on set in the desert in Palmdale, California on Mar. 4. The look is easily going to make people very interested in watching the sexy video — could one of them be Justin Bieber? One thing is for sure: She is making people talk about her, and that is exactly what she seems to be going for!

Selena Has Been Showing A Lot More Skin Lately!
Back on Feb. 10, during a post-Grammy Justin Timberlake concert, Selena tweeted a pic of herself, with the caption, “He’s bringing sexy back… And it’s about time!! @jtimberlake killed it!” But what was really sexy was her tight pencil skirt and colorful bustier that showed off her cleavage in the pic. She was definitely exposing more then we have been accustomed to of Selena in the past.

Selena Getting Sexier After Justin Bieber Break-Up!
Ever since Selena and Justin have been separated, they both have been showing off a lot more skin, which is definitely a sign they are trying to make each other jealous. It definitely looks like Selena seems to be winning with the latest pics from the Spring Breakers red carpets around the world and now this latest music video shoot.

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