10 Apr 2013

Being Nikki book review

Emerson Watts is still trying to adjust to life being supermodel Nikki Watts and being technically dead. She still tries to go to school and is still hoping her life-long crush will figure out she's really Em living in the body of Nikki. Just when she thinks she has the hang of her new life, she finds herself engaged in a undercover struggle with her sinister employer Stark Enterprises, running from a variety of Nikki's ex-lovers, and looking for Nikki's long-lost relatives. Can Stark really be as bad as it appears, and will she ever get to live her own life?
Author Meg Cabot does it again. Once readers pick up BEING NIKKI they will not be able to put it down. By now readers of the first book will be used to the idea of brain transplants, so that fantastical portion of the book doesn't take away from the intrigue and mystery of Stark Enterprises.

The novel is funny, the language realistic, and there is an intriguing mystery mixed in with the fluffy teen model and crush story lines. Cabot takes her readers on a great ride, and the only complaint most will have is that the ride stops and readers will have to wait for the next book to see what happens.

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