10 Apr 2013

Funny Facts About Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 in Vietnam

1. A local lady in Mui né who taught HyunJoong how to make pancakes copmliment with her happy shining eyes like this: " Litte handsome boy is naughty and make me laugh a lot.♥"

Due to the script, UEE will make the pancakes, HyunJoong insists on making them by himself. He loses his temper when the hot oil splashed on him.

2. As we know, HyunJoong dislikes the heat n cant stand it as well.
When he stayed at a resident's house for the filming, he unintentinally poured the water on the floor. Being found by the house's owner, he apologized embarrassingly.

3. Another time, when he was going to take a bath, he dropped his stuffs ( not sure shirt or trousers or towel ke ke). He just realized when the staff reminded him to pick his up. kekeke 

4. One male staff's of vivo complimented: "In real life,Hyun Joong is very handsome, gentle,nice behaviour, shy and a bit clumsy ^^"

q(❂‿❂)p It is obvious for HyunJoong. 

5. If you wanna buy his seafood, you must pay him the correct total amount of money. Because he doesn't have Vietnamese currency for the changes.

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