1 Jun 2013

Robert Pattinson's Mom Is NOT A Fan Of Kristen Stewart; Another Reason Behind Split!?

Robert Pattinson might be heartbroken over his breakup with Kristen Stewart, but Mama Clare Pattinson couldn't be happier!
In fact, the woman responsible for blessing the world with that handsome mug didn't even want Rob to get back together with KStew all together after the BIG Rupert Sanders cheating scandal.
A source spilled:
"[Clare] seemed very unhappy that he and Kristen got back together. She was incredibly shocked by those pictures of Kristen with Rupert and couldn't understand why anyone would want to cheat on her son," an insider told Look magazine. To begin with, it was like Clare didn't want to lay eyes on Kristen again, but of course she and Rob reunited and that was difficult for her."
We don't blame her!
She's just being a protective mama bear!!!!
We know that FOR NOW, Rob and Katy Perry are "just friends", but we bet Clare would approve of the spunky Wide Awake songstress!
Just sayin' Rob. It's something to think about if things don't work with her and Mayer's once again blossoming romance!

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