19 Jan 2014

Kim Hyun Joong shows 김현중 off his fighter figure in shirtless still cuts for 'Generation of Youth'

Kim Hyun Joong didn't need a stunt man for the action scenes with his fighter figure and determination and went shirtless to show off the fruits of his labor.

He shared, "At first, I tried to make the most sculpted body I could but as I thought about it, I realized there was no exercise equipment and protein supplements in the 1930s that we have today. That is why I just stuck to eating meat and vegetables and made a healthy body in a realistic way. So although you may think 'it's not that great of a body' as you watch my scenes, I hope you will keep in mind that I toned my body in consideration for the generation of the drama."

"For 'Generation of Youth', rather than using a lot of wire-like special equipment for the action scenes, we used our own bodies to clash with one another to fight. As much as my bruises increase after each filming, I think you will be able to feel the realistic action of the 1930s."

'Generation of Youth' is a romantic noir drama set in the 1930s centered around young fighters and their story of love and friendship. It will premiere this week so make sure you tune in to catch the scene above and more!

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