17 Oct 2011

I too had a love story book review

If you are looking for a book with literary skills,you may not get it but if you are looking for something warm,something to relate to,something that happens in your simple middle class home,then this 

 is it..With no pretensions of being a classic,this book evokes the most wonderful feeling in you..that of love..
The protagonist Ravin from Bhubaneswar is an Infy guy who after a college reunion with 4 buddies decide to create a profile on Shaadi.com..A girl from Faridabad sees her profile contact him..Thats how slowly the romance blooms..Its something a teenager or people just of teens can relate to..the emotions,the craziness,the silliness,the illogical things that we do to connect and grow with your love..With absolutely no resistance the duo is welcomed by both parents and seemingly everything moves towards the D day..The valentines day of 2006 when they decide to exchange rings and everything is hunky dory,till fate strikes..
A must read for suckers of romance and especially people who love the story teling ways of Indian films and TV serials..

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