14 Oct 2011

Selena Gomez makes the Scene in Vancouver

The hot celebrity topic since the summer has been the dating status of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Are they? Aren't they? Will the uncertainty never end?

It looks as if the couple is no longer keeping up with the illusion. Bieber, the Baby heartthrob, finally admitted to Britain's New! magazine last week that he's in love with Gomez, adding that "everybody can see" the 19-yearold former star of Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place "is hot."

The couple has since used every opportunity to profess their love for each other. Bieber, 17, spoke in the interview of wanting to get married and have kids; Gomez, for her part, posted a picture on her Twitter account Wednesday of a Tim Hortons lunch, presumably to make her Canadian boyfriend - who is on tour in South America - jealous of her double-double and multi-grain bagel.

The real news is somehow getting lost in translation: Gomez's tour of Canada. It was set to start Thursday in Victoria with a sold-out performance, the first of 13 stops. The pop singer's We Own the Night tour, which is in support of her third album, When the Sun Goes Down, winds down Oct. 30 in Montreal.

Reps for Gomez told Postmedia News that, despite our repeated requests, she would be unavailable for advance interviews. Gomez hasn't done many in-depth interviews of late, at least ones that focus solely on her music; the majority of articles found during a recent Google search discuss either her relationship with Bieber, what she wore to a red-carpet affair, or when her impending fragrance is due to hit shelves. An interview - even a fiveminute chat while hitting Tim Hortons - could have put the paparazzi side of her life in the dark for just a moment. After all, Gomez is on tour with a new album and her own music - remember that? - to promote.

Then again, talking to the traditional press doesn't always serve a purpose for pop stars. Because, once the mystery is gone, and some of the celebrity sheen has been dulled by some reallife rapping, maybe there's not much to talk about after all. Nonetheless, in the journalism world, a story is a story, and in the pop world, Gomez is one of the bigger ones to cover at the moment. With that in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and dug into the history books to uncover some notable notes about Gomez's life. Here's what rose above the trash-talk din.

. She's dating Justin Bieber. . The native of Grand Prairie, Texas, was named after Selena Quintanilla-Perez, the Latin music superstar who was murdered by her fan-club president in 1995. Quintanilla-Perez was considered Mexico's equivalent to Madonna, and was portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in the 1997 film, Selena. This summer, Gomez performed on a bill with Lopez at L.A.'s Staples Center.

. Gomez was cast as Gianna on the popular children's show, Barney & Friends. She appeared in five episodes during the 2002 season, including ones with another future teen star, Demi Lovato. The two teens also appeared together in the 2009 film, Princess Protection Program. That same year, reports surfaced that Lovato was dating - wait for it - Justin Bieber.

. Gomez has a reported net worth of $4 million. Her albums have been successful (the latest, When the Sun Goes Down, peaked at No. 3 on the charts), but her fortune most likely came via her TV roles. Her reported per-episode salary during Wizards of Waverly Place was $30,000.


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