14 Oct 2011

Emma Watson, Logan Lerman Hit The Books In First 'Perks Of Being A Wallflower' Look

 It's been awhile since the last update on the cinematic doings of Logan Lerman, lightning thief, or Emma Watson, top witch of Gryffindor House—and honestly, it's hard to imagine these two fine young actors playing roles that are anything other than the supernaturally gifted characters they made famous. But today, the very first official sneak peek at their latest project found its way into our inboxes: two new stills from the hotly-anticipated upcoming film, "Harry Potter and the Perks of Being A Percy"!

...Wait, that came out wrong.
Actually, it's "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," and our two young Hollywood stars couldn't look less like a wizard and demigod—especially Emma, who's still rocking a super-short haircut and sporting a varsity letterman jacket that would be extremely out of place at Hogwarts. And as for Logan... well, there's no trident in sight. Instead, the pair look to be playing a couple of very ordinary American students, on a very ordinary (okay, extremely green and pretty) high school campus.

After scoring an exclusive set visit and some fun behind-the-scenes photos from the production of "Perks," it's great to see the real, actual stills of what's sure to be one of our new favorite films. Also, there is some really excellent chemistry happening in that shot of Logan eyeing Emma across a library table. Careful, dude: If Ron Weasley sees you checking out his lady like that, you may or may not find yourself vomiting slugs for the next several hours.

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