18 Jul 2012

Miley Cyrus tags along as Liam Hemsworth heads to Philadelphia to shoot a new film

Miley Cyrus is staying by her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth’s side while he films his next movie.

Cyrus, 19, and Hemsworth, 22, who got engaged early this summer, arrived in Philadelphia Tuesday. Hemsworth just wrapped up filming Empire State and is in Philadelphia to begin work on yet another film. According to The Gossip Girls, he’ll star in Paranoia with Harrison Ford.

The young couple arrived to the Philadelphia International Airport walking hand-in-hand with their dog Ziggy. Miley and Liam may be a happy couple together, but there was one thing that Miley wasn’t too pleased with when they arrived. Cyrus has been very vocal about how much she hates the presence of the paparazzi lately.

“I hate paparazzi with a passion. disgusting pigs. (no offense to pigs)” she recently tweeted. She also said it was “shady and scary” that they hung out outside her house waiting for a shot. The “Can’t be Tamed” singer’s arrival to Philadelphia was no different. She was followed while walking her dog after leaving the airport.

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