20 Jul 2012

Justin Bieber as a boyfriend

Justin Bieber- who is in a relationship with Selena Gomez - thinks it is important to notice small changes his girlfriend makes to her appearance and always tries to pay her compliments.

He told Rolling Stone magazine, "I make sure to do the little things, like noticing when they get their hair done or when they change their nail colour. Also saying things all the time - like, 'You're very pretty,' 'You're gorgeous,' things like that."

In the interview, Justin's manager Scooter Braun dismissed speculation that the Boyfriend hitmaker's high-profile relationship is damaging to his career, insisting it makes him more desirable to fans as they get to hear about his romantic side.

He said, "Personally, I think that [speculation] is all a bunch of bulls**t. Yes, there's gonna be some girls that if they see him with a girlfriend, it kills the dream - but there's also gonna be girls that see him with a girlfriend, hear about the romantic things he does and want him even more."

Meanwhile, Justin and Selena were pictured making a visit to sick children on Thursday.

The couple were spotted holding hands as they left the Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

Shortly before his visit, Justin tweeted, "Do something nice for someone else today. "U know your truth...do it for the right reasons. (sic)"

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