1 Sep 2012

Emma Watson names her all-time favourite outfits

It's no secret that when an young Emma Watson promoted the Harry Potter films which have brought her huge wealth and fortune, she used to rely on her stepmother's cast-offs to tread the red carpet. Undoubtedly style lows, the actress has now admitted that wearing "things that were just far too big for me too" are also up their on her 'rather forget' list.
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So what is worth celebrating about her now very grown-up wardrobe, which includes elegant and occasionally risqué numbers by Valentino, Burberry and Marchesa?
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"My all-time favourites are probably the white Alexander McQueen dress I wore to the Empire Awards and the vintage Ossie Clark dress I found in a shop around the corner from my house..." the 22-year-old tells the new issue of Glamour , which she covers to promoter her new film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower .

Unlike the aforementioned Steinfelds and Shipkas, Watson was the ripe old age of 18 when she debuted in said McQueen, wowing the crowds at The National Movie Awards in London in a romantic white gown with draped sleeves and a silver, crystal-embellished bust. And as for the grey, plunging neckline Ossie Clark gown she wore to the Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince premiere in London's Leicester Square in 2009, we're glad to hear the memories sustained from that evening are good ones; torrential rain and a gust of wind revealed her flesh-coloured undergarments to the world.

Luckily, Watson has taken it all in her rather down-to-earth stride: "it helps that I've accepted my body shape more as I've got older" she concludes.

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