1 Sep 2012

Justin bieber tweets topless picture from bed, teenage world implodes

Justin Bieber has revealed a new tattoo - done so in the now traditional online manner, a self-shot topless photo taken on a bed. See the photo below.

The sound of millions of teenage girls exploding could be heard across the world when Bieber posted the photo on Twitter on Friday night (31 August, 2012). Fans were quick to respond to the 'Boyfriend' star, ignoring the new ink on his chest and mostly responding saying "OMG UR SOOO HOT!!!"

The Canadian star previously showed off a new tattoo in July 2012, having a tiny tattoo on his right arm, the Japanese symbol for Kanji.

When the young star isn't sharing topless photos online or having miniscule tattoos, he has spent much of 2012 causing controversy, most recently suggesting that Prince Williams used growth hormones to restore his thinning hair. He also angered US aboriginal groups by suggesting that his inuit heritage entitled him to free 'gas' in Canada.

"I'm actually part Indian," he said in an interview with Rolling Stone in July this year. "I think Inuit or something? I'm enough per cent that in Canada I can get free gas."

His comments caused anger with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. “We have enough issues with racism and stereotyping,” say Dwight Dorey, the congress’s national vice-chief, in the statement. “A young, high-profile entertainer like Justin has a huge following. He has a major impact on young people. That concerns me.”

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