29 Sep 2012

'Vampire Diaries' synopsis for 'Memorial' episode: Damon confides his feelings

The synopsis for "The Vampire Diaries" episode 2 of season 4, "Memorial," was released late on Thursday and reveals that Damon is going to confide his feelings to someone.

While the Salvatore brothers argue about how best to approach Elena's (Nina Dobrev) vampire transition, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is going to turn to an unlikely friend to spill his feelings. Could this mean that he still hasn't given up on Elena?

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Whether he is over her or not, Damon will try and convince Elena to let him help her with Vampire 101 on his terms and not tell Stefan (Paul Wesley) about it. So, clearly he still cares for her, and it looks like Elena may put her trust in Damon to let him guide her through the change.

Meanwhile, a stranger named Connor Jordan (Todd Williams), arrives in Mystic Falls and starts questioning Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood. Stefan quickly realizes that Connor is up to no good and poses great danger to them all.

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