23 Oct 2013

The smart technology giant "Apple Inc" made some important announcements and introduced their new ipads today

Today, 22 October is a big day for Cupertino Calif based Company Apple Inc. Tim Cook on behalf of Apple started the event at San Francisco saying "today you are going to see some amazing products". There were not only just the products but also some great news.

Apple introduced ipad Air successor of ipad Retina Display and ipad mini 2 successor of ipad mini. This time there was not much difference between the mini and the regular ipad. The ipad Air came with some very big changes like it is ultimately slim and light weighing just 1.0 pound. It has got 5.0 MP camera and 1080p HD video. Like Apple's iphone 5S, it used the A7 processor which has the computer type 64 bit architecture with an amazing performance.

Although there is some disappointment prevailing about not having the Finger Print technology or higher resolution or higher camera, I think this was something big for them. Ipad Air is just 7.5mm thin and the same 9.7 in. It starts at $499 for 16GB with wifi technology and ipad mini starts at $399.
ipad 2 will also be available at $399.

They are going to be available in the market from Nov 1st and I think that this is a perfect time to launch such products as there is a competitive holiday coming up next month. I am planning to get one as a part of Thanksgiving shopping. Apple also offered free software upgrades for life on its operating system.

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