25 Nov 2013

Kristen Stewart tired of secretly meeting Robert Pattinson on the sly

Kristen Stewart has had enough of sneaking around meeting Robert Pattinson at hotels on the sly. She’s tired of keeping their rekindled romance a secret and is eager for Rob to go public with the news that they are a couple once again, according to Nov. 23 reports from EntertainmentWise, International Business Times, Christian Post Entertainment and other media outlets keeping tabs on the latest developments between Kristen and Rob. See Weekend Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart News: Public Romance, Holiday Feast.

Why Kristen Wants the World to Know

It’s not so much that Kristen wants to be in the limelight. During the three years she and Rob were together in the past, they kept their relationship low key. But Kristen has confided her in friends that having to sneak around and see Rob on the down low makes her feel like she’s doing something wrong when that’s really not the case. She doesn’t see the point in continuing to cover up what’s going on between then when the whole Internet knows they’ve been secretly meeting at hotels. See Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: Weekend Reconciliation-Marriage News

Kristen is ready to stop all the hiding and take the relationship public. She wants Rob to make it “official” that they are back together again so they can openly go to concerts, clubs and other places the way they did in the past, and she doesn’t understand why Rob is dragging his feet.

There’s also another possible reason Kristen wants Rob to publicize their romance. With all the rumors circulating about Rob and Dylan Penn, public acknowledgement that he’s back with Kristen would let her know exactly where she stands. Rob and Dylan say they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, but that what they have together is definitely a romance. So Kristen is probably just as confused about the true status of Rob’s relationship with Dylan as everyone else. See Robert Pattinson, Dylan Penn: Contradictory Relationship Reports and Robert Pattinson Cheating on Dylan Penn with Kristen Stewart

Why Rob Wants to Keep His Relationship with Kristen Under Wraps

Rob wants to keep his personal business out of the public eye. He’s opposed to broadcasting to the world that he and Kristen have rekindles their romance. He’s also somewhat embarrassed about gettingminvolved with Kristen again and is concerned about what people think of him for taking Kristen back. See Celebrity Reconciliation Report: Kristen Stewart and Rob, Miley Cyrus and Liam and Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: Weekend Reconciliation-Marriage News. Rob prefers to move cautiously for the time being and doesn’t feel the need to inform his fans, the media, or the general public about his dating life. Keeping things under wraps is his way of protecting himself and his relationship with Kristen until he feels the time is right to let the world know.

Kristen is Being Patient and Letting Rob Call the Shots

As much as Kristen wants to go public about the status of her relationship with Rob, she knows it would be a mistake to try to push him into doing something he doesn’t want to do. Her friends say she’s in this for the long haul, but if she pressures Rob or moves too fast she could lose it all. So she’s being patient and understanding with for now Rob and hoping that he will eventually see things her way.

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