25 Nov 2013

Emma Watson manages a slight smile as she gets photobombed by a goofy fan at LAX

The 10-plus hour flight from London to Los Angeles can be gruellingly long. 
So when British actress Emma Watson touched down in LAX Sunday evening, she looked ready to call it a day.
Good natured with fans, the 23-year-old just managed a slight smile as an ardent fan photobombed her as she left the airport and headed for home.

When the Harry Potter actress - dressed comfortably in black trousers, a grey shirt and black jacket -  initially touched down at the airport, she seemed happy to be on solid ground and smiled at fans.
She strolled happily from the gate to the terminal exit.
But when the Perks of Being a Wallflower star walked outside in order to meet her ride, an over-the-top fan jumped suddenly beside her to have his photo taken next to her.
Although Watson kept her cool, she high tailed it out of the airport.

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